Covent Garden – 感受倫敦 West End 無限生命力

Covent Garden – The Energy of West End


有一句經典名句: ‘If you are tired of London, you are tired of life’.

到了 West End,無論你於 Covent Garden 欣賞國際知名的藝術展、世界聞名音樂劇或由 Covent Garden 步行至 Seven Dials 購物…目不暇給。

‘If you are tired of London, you are tired of life’.

You can certainly recharge yourself at the West End, where you can spend your day with the world’s leading art exhibitions and musicals in the Covent Garden, or do some shopping at the Seven Dials in a working distance. Love it!

此藝術裝置名為”Heart Beat”,用 10 萬個氣球代表這地方充滿著多元及活力。

“Heart Beat” – the art installation symbolizes the diversity and energy of London with 100,000 giant balloons.

Shaun the Sheep 於 Covent Garden 的展覽,由不同設計師及名人負責設計共 120 個 5 尺高的雕像,展覽過後將拍賣,收入將作慈善用途。

Shaun the [email protected] exhibition, Covent Garden – a collection of 120 sculpture by leading artists and celebrities – the artwork will be auctioned for charity.

於 Seven Dials 的小巷,內裏有很多特色小店及餐廳。

Not to miss the special shops and restaurants in the allies of Seven Dials.

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