My Canteen in London: Zedel


每次朋友叫我推薦倫敦的餐廳,我一定推介Zedel。它是傳統的法國bistro。價錢很實惠,Art Deco設計,空間偌大,這兒4Course set只須19鎊(包餐酒),難怪日日有人排隊。

Zedel is a restaurant that I ‘d recommend for friends visiting London. It is a classic and spacious French bistro with art deco design but in a much affordable price. Can you imagine you can have your 4-course meal (including wine) with 19 pounds only? Yes indeed – the queue you can see every day counts.


The traditional French onion soup, with good portion of cheese.


Main course: scallops. Rustic, big and fresh!

甜品是我最喜愛的Floating Island with Vanilla Sauce。

My favourite dessert: Floating Island with Vanilla Sauce.

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