奧匈帝國政治核心 Hofburg, the political heart of the Austria-Hungarian Empire

統治奧匈帝國的Habsburg 皇朝長達700年,皇宮整個建築群共有18 棟建築物,超過19個中庭、庭園,共有2500房間。主建築物包括新王宮、舊王宮、宰相宮、西西博物館、Albertina、國家圖書館、Spanish Riding School和Michaelerplatz 等等。經歷了7世紀的皇宮建築風格也隨著不同的君主喜好而變遷。

The 700-year-old Hofburg dynasty ruled the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Its palace was comprised of 18 buildings, more than 19 atriums, and a total of 2,500 rooms. The main buildings include the new palace, the old palace, the prime minister palace, the Sisi Museum, Albertina, the National Library, Spanish Riding School and Michaelerplatz and so on. You can see the change of architectural style with the different monarch preferences over the past 7 centuries.


The National Library Nationalbibliothek, holds 2.3 million books and many musician manuscripts.


The Prime Minister Palace Reichskanzleitrakt, then to the imperial palace, Sisi Museum and the Museum of Silverware .


The imperial ballroom and the Museum of Silverware Hoftafel-und-Solberkammer. Exhibited a collection of imperial tableware and silverware.


The table setting of the state banquet.


Floral arrangements and crystals of the table setting.

館內還放了紀念Sisi 皇后和國皇結婚的餐具,及其他意大利銀器、瓷器,精緻程度令人目不暇給。

Amazed with a collection of imperial tableware of Queen Sisi’s wedding to Italian silverware and porcelain.


西西博物館 Sisi Museum,紀念全奧地利最美麗的女人!


Sisi Museum – memorial for the most beautiful woman in Vienna.

She was not only renowned for her beauty, but also for her tragic life. She wore this dress when she became the Queen. Her coronation portrait in the back.



You can learn every detail of the Queen from the paintings, her belongings and her costume at the Sisi Museum. Each exhibition zone has reflected her characters and emotions such as her anti-ritual attitude, the sorrow of her son’s death, the passion for slimming to the delicate treatment of her long hair to her knees, and the story of assassination in the end.

建築群Albertina 前身是皇室招待客人的居 所,如今成為藝術館,這裡收藏著名Dürer 雕刻與畫作,如野兔 (The Hare), 及舉世知名的藝術家Monet 及Picasso 的展覽,內裏Miro 畫廊是我見過最整全的收藏。喜愛印象派及後印象派的藝術愛好者,不容錯過。

Albertina, formerly known as the royal residence for the guests, has become a museum of arts where you can see the collection of the famous Dürer sculptures and paintings, such as the Hare, as well as the exhibitions of the world’s renowned artists Monet and Picasso. The Miro Gallery has housed the most complete collection I’ve ever seen. It is a must-visit spot for fans of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art lovers.


Dürer 野兔 (The Hare) 畫作,Dürer以極其精準和細膩的線條捕足野兔的神態,如照片般寫實。

The Hare, Dürer’s masterpiece. It is famous for its extremely precise and delicate lines which captured the essence of a hare demeanor, as real as a photo.



A dining room where the imperial royal hosted their VIPs. Magnificent interior deco everywhere.

Albertina 內各大小偏廳用色古雅,很喜歡灰黃色為主題的偏廳。

The use of classic colours in every pavilion of Albertina. Love the grey themed pavilion.


Different themed pavilions along the way.



An elegant mini ballroom.


A pavilion of yellow and gold. A collection of horse paintings by the windows.


A charming corner of the tiny but long corridor.


Time for selfie!


Monet 的Water Lily Pond (1917-1919) 及其他重要作品也於 Albertina 展出。

Monet’s Water Lily Pond (1917-1919) and other works were available at Albertina.

Monet的 House Among the Roses (1925)。

Monet’s House Among the Roses (1925).

Monet 的View of Vetheuil (1881)。

Monet’s View of Vetheuil (1881).


Picasso 的Woman in Green Hat (1947)。

Picasso’s Woman in Green Hat.


Picasso 的Still Life with Guitar (1942)。

Picasso’s Still Life with Guitar (1942).


Picasso 的Glass and Apple (1911) (左),The Playing Cards (1912) (右)。

Picasso’s Glass and Apple (1911) (left),The Playing Cards (1912) (right).


Miro 於Albertina 作品展出超過100件畫作。此作品命名為 Women in front of the Sun (1949), Joan Miro。

In Albertina, you can find over 100 pieces of Miro’s art pieces.

Women in front of the Sun (1949), Joan Miro.


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