戀上維也納。天上人間Heaven on Earth – Vienna

Habsburg 皇朝600年盛世歷史、世界文化遺產、世界音樂之都、咖啡文化、坐擁世界四大博物館之一、藝術、美饌…通通融薈在一起的一個城市。日與夜在這城市大街小巷遊走,感受了人生一次最美、最自由的旅程。雖然Vienna未必是香港人歐遊的首選,但當你在這兒逗留多幾天,你便可知道住在這裡的奧地利人的生活質素有多高;整個城市提供多元文化、藝術、美酒佳餚、現代化的交通建設、安全而寧靜的街道等配套,四處還被自行車的小徑包圍著,難怪被選為世上10個首選居住的城市!

A city of Habsburg Dynasty with 600 years of history, the world’s cultural heritage, the home of the world’s music, coffee culture, with the world’s fourth largest museum, art, delicacy…I am glad to enjoy one of the most beautiful and freest journey in my life wandering around in the city day and night. While Vienna may not be the first choice for Hong Kongers, you can feel that the Austrian people living here are enjoying high standard of living if you are able to stay here for a few more days.

The city offers you with multiculturalism, art, wine and food, modern transport infrastructure, safe and quiet streets, not limiting to bike trails surrounding. No wonder Vienna has been selected as one of the top 10 cities for living!

Spanish Riding School

舉世聞名的Spanish Riding School 是歐洲最歷史悠久的騎術學校,當日剛巧到步是星期日,一落機便趕至看難得一見的Lipizzaner 貴族馬dressage。請一定要提早一個月前於網上訂票,否則一定摸門釘。

The world’s famous Spanish Riding School is the oldest riding school in Europe. The day happened to be a Sunday that I visited. I rushed to see the rare dressage by Lipizzaner, the aristocratic horse upon arrival. Please be sure to book one month in advance online if you don’t want to miss the chance.


Paying tribute to the audience in the beginning.


The horses were ready to perform with the music.

當日坐在第一層,旁邊是一對英籍夫妻,資深馬術愛好者,向我講解馬匹互相mirror 大家動作是很高難度。

I happened to sit on the first floor that day, next to a pair of British couples who were experienced equestrian enthusiasts. They explained to me each mirror action is very difficult for horses.


At this point the horse were also ready, difficult moves for each individual performance.


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