時間、空間、歷史幻象交錯 Illusion of Time, Dimension and History





吳哥窟的建材主要紅土、砂岩、方磚、經過精密計算和佈局進行相崁,並以大木刻和仔細上色的木材蓋建。最早期在高棉神廟留下的木材,因為年日久遠早而腐爛,只剩下牆上一個個整齊的洞孔,便可知一二。吳哥的建築群包括祭祀的地方,迂迴的長廊及至後期錯綜複雜的廟宇,高聳層疊式金字塔式建築。而後彌山 (Mount Meru) 是高綿建築學的高峰,它是整個宇宙及精神層面的中心,採用了軸向校准,對準了夏至及冬至的方向,並以幾何和精確的比例,展示王朝的偉大及力量!當我爬上吳哥窟的高梯,再一層一層爬上去看寺內的大佛,不能不讚嘆建築群信仰的力量。

Illusion of Time, Dimension and History

The remains of the great Khmer empire spread out in the jungles and allow its visitors a glimpse of the majesty of this once proud civilization. Stories and legends of the era lie in the stone inscriptions adorning the buildings. These carvings tell episodes about gods and people’s everyday life so vividly that I am able to relive its colorful history. But revisiting the past also prompted me to think how ironic it was for such a powerful civilization to suddenly come to its end, its people gone, and its architecture abandoned in a jungle. I cannot help but ponder about the dark side of human nature, and how history keeps repeating itself under the influence of human greed, which brought upon wars that ultimately destroyed the very proud civilizations they themselves built.

The Aesthetics of Angkor Architecture

The Angkor Wat is known to the world for its architectural and artistic value. A large part of the Angkorian architecture was mainly constructed of red clay, sandstone and brick. The stones, laid without mortar, were fixed to places with very tight and nicely-fitted joints. The earliest temples used a lot of wooden materials that perished over time. The major scheme for the building construction of Angkorian temples was that of the Temple Mountain, an architectural representation of Mount Meru, which is the home of the gods in Hinduism. The temple itself was in the shape of a pyramid of several levels, and the home of the gods was represented by the elevated sanctuary at the center of the temple. When building the sacred space, it is believed that the designers took measurements of solar and lunar time cycles and incorporated this divine mandate to perfection. When I was climbing up to the stairs step by step, it was hard not to be mesmerized by the effort of the designer and the power of the religion.

A moment of solace.

Lost in space and time.


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