民宿Bon Stay

The Guest House Bon Stay


因緣際會而遇上Bon Stay。其設計極具品味,老闆非常好客, 而且老闆娘的表妹學攝影, 還幫我在台灣拍街拍。

What a co-incidence to stay in a lovely guesthouse called Bon Stay. Stylish design, a friendly host. Some snapshots with the host’s cousin who was taking photography classes.

我的房間很夢幻, 而且有一個很大的陽台,引入陽光, 白天坐在椅上看書很寫意。

I was staying in a fantastic room. A nice balcony which you can feel the sunshine. Such a relaxing day to have some read on the chair!

客廳是共用空間, 可跟不同房客聊天。

A co-shared living room where you can mingle with different guests.

記得當日我入住時老闆娘跟我聊了一整夜, 而且她特地去買特色早餐給我嚐嚐!(平時買的時候有一條長龍)!

I had a night of chat with the host who treated me a decent local breakfast! (I got to queue for long if I bought it myself!)

專業攝影 - 由老闆娘表妹 (Loai) 提供。

Professional photography by Loai, the host’s cousin.


We did some snapshots and went for some selfies at National Taiwan University too!

清代古蹟剝皮寮大概有200年歷史, 內裏還保留電影<艋舺>的拍攝場景及戲服。

The Bopiliao Historical Block was built 200 years ago in the Qing Dynasty. And you can take a look at the scenes and costume of the local movie “Monga”.


The scene for the movie “Monga”


Not to miss the yummy pepper cake!

這時老人家很好看, 執子之手,與子皆老就是如此。

A nice snapshot of the couple. Isn’t it nice to grow old with your beloved?

由75年歷史的松山菸廠改為文創園區,菸廠內有不同展覽場地、餐廳、 巴洛克花園, 誠品生活館和首間誠品酒店也建在此,實在值得一遊。

The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was formerly the Tobacco and Alcohol Monopoly Bureau Songshan Plant. The 75-year-old building was changed to become a culture hub where you can refresh yourself with exhibitions, restaurants and the Baroque Garden. Recommending the Eslite Spectrum  and the first Eslite Hotel!


The Baroque Garden from the window view.


Phototaking time!  Capture some stylish snapshots in the old factory.


The Baroque Garden.

騎單車夜遊台北, 路線由東區永康街路至中正紀念堂,大概1小時。

晚上騎單車是比較好, 因為交通不會太繁忙, 感覺當晚是我人生中最自由的一夜!

A night ride in Taipei. The 1-hour cycling route from Yong Kang Road in the East District to the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

One of the freest night in my life! With no busy traffic. Feel the night breeze at leisure.

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