Let the Taiwanese wisdom soothes your soul


每次到台北,心裏總散發著由衷的微笑。她不是一個令人震攝的霸氣城市; 它的多元、包容、人性化和文化卻由每一個街角弄巷及台北人身上一點點的散發出來。而台北人很愛護這城市,一切讓空間並列生存和保育,走到每一個角落,也可找到一個讓人心靈平衡的空間, 因此可能香港人也找回屬於自己的心靈角落。

I’ve put on my souful smile from my heart whenever I come back to Taipei. The city is not famous for its power. Rather it is a city of diversity, human touch and culture where you can feel it in every corner, or with whoever you meet. Taipei people love their city. You can see the balance of tradition and growth here. There is a reason why many Hongkongers feel very connected with the city.

青田七六是馬廷英的故居,建築揉合日式和西式設計, 這個老居子是古蹟,咖啡館和地質展示館, 很值得一遊。

The old-school architecture was built with Japanese touch and Western style. Highly recommended for its heritage value, its decent café and a living museum of geology.


The classic collection at the reception.


Japanese style of afternoon tea served in the afternoon. Set menu for lunch or dinner.


Cakes are served for the afternoon set.


As if you were back to Taiwan in the Japanese colonial era – well preserved with the floor and tiles from the old days.


Portraits of the old days.

洋式的飯廳, 這古蹟不單極具歷史意義, 也是餐館,若不想沒位子,建議預約。

The dining room in western style. In love with the historical value of the building which revamps as a restaurant now. Reservation is recommended if you’d like to pay a visit.

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