Small Stories About Etiquette


到英國學習禮儀學,是我生命中其中一段很好的經驗、人生旅程。除了英國本身保留了大量歷史和文化遺產,學習資源充足,如不同皇宮及博物館均提供大量教材,擴闊眼界。而當我更了解他們的文化,知道他們想法的由來,也提升了與他們溝通的成效。個人的經驗告訴我,當我的談吐行為、習慣、知識及信心與他們沒多大差別時,英國人(外國人) 是會對你有多一份尊重。

Studying etiquette in the U.K. has been one of the vital and rewarding life experiences throughout my life journey. The United Kingdom is an amazing country of history and heritage where one can easily live up with examples and resources like palaces and museums. I am pleased to understand their culture. By understanding more of their thoughts, I have managed to communicate more effectively with the locals. From what I learnt from my experience, somehow  you can earn more respects from the English (or foreigners in general) if you understand, speak and act as if you were part of them (of course, in confidence).

老師安排我到白金漢宮 (Buckingham Palace)近距離接觸,於禁地拍了張照片。

My teacher arranged my visit to the Buckingham Palace where I could manage to take a few shots in the forbidden area.

學習衣著及個人形象、指定動作到 V&A 學 Fashion History

Learning the art of dressing, personal styling, designated posture. Learning Fashion history at the V&A

一直至今,男仕的衣著向來都比女仕講究 。

James Bowden 於 Manners for Men 曾把男仕服裝總括和分類為: 步行、騎馬、駕駛、探訪、划船、狩獵、射擊、高球、騎自行車、網球、板球、足球、用膳、抽煙、休閒、賽車、遊艇、西裝、摩托車裝,更說明了應配以各種飾品才算完整的打扮 , 也是說明了於社會上的身份。當然,今日的社會也簡化了很多。

The art of menswear is more sophisticated than women wear by tradition.

James Bowden wrote about the menswear in the <Manners for Men>. The dress code categories include: walking, horse-riding, driving, visit, rowing, hunting, shooting, golf, cycling, tennis, cricket, football, dining, smoking, causal, racing, yachting, formal attire, motorbike.

He also introduced the accessories according to the outfit, which represented the social class status. Of course, nowadays, the dress code is far more simplified.


The basics of table manner: to distinguish the tableware and their functions, to design a menu, to set the table with table cloth, setting, tableware and glassware in accordance to the menu. Furthermore, you can imagine you ‘d learn more like seating plan, entertainment, and the art of clothing, the art of design and deco, floral arrangements and the roles and responsibilities of a host.

老師即場考我法式與英式的7道菜setting ── 訓練過關!

I was tested by the 7-course setting in both French and English ways. Yeah, and I passed!

標準Afternoon Tea 示範:三層架及scone(英式鬆餅)


The demonstration of the classic Afternoon Tea: a three-tiered cake stand and scone

Scones are usually put on the side of a cake stand. Alternatively in the centre if there are not many cakes and bites for the day.


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