The Interesting Stereotype of Etiquette Vs Posture


故意吧,挑了一張很cliché 的相片。

甚少與人提及我曾赴英修讀禮儀學,並考取了2張相關的證書。因為我不想於朋友聚會裏,為身邊的人構成壓力。直至有朋友叫我參與相關的培訓 - 幫助一群又一群將投身社會的大學生、以及職場上的年青才俊等 - 我才發覺原來學了這門學問,還可以為社會出一點力。當一個社會進步時,人對生活質素、品味、文化修養、社交、企業管理等的要求隨之提高,怎樣行出來讓客戶於初次見面就留下深刻印象:覺得你是「得體」、「大器」,即是marketing 術語中的 ”presentable” ?

認識和學習禮儀之道可建立自尊、自信、社會尊重及人際關係。這些全是我們常說的「軟技能」:外表衣著 、行為、溝通技巧及餐桌禮儀、跨國文化、下午茶禮儀、國際社交及商務禮儀等諸多內容。



  1. 通常朋友問我,是不是專程去英國學「儀態 」?

嚴格來說也算是的。簡單來說,儀態(posture) 即是肢體的一舉一動,即使學習跳舞也能學到一點兒。而儀態是博大精深的禮儀學其中一門的必修課 。


  1. 是不是只限女仕?



  1. 每當與朋友聚會吃飯,朋友都會群起模仿我的一舉一動。如吃越南菜時,問是否把飯餸夾至女仕的碟上才對?



  1. 那吃飯的時候,應該由誰埋單?


5. 你學禮儀是不是想嫁入豪門? …

Isn’t a cliché photo? Chosen on purpose.

Seldom do I talk about my study of the etiquette and the two relevant certificates I got in the U.K., which has usually ended up in stressing my friends out during social gatherings alternatively. Not until was I invited to participate in a youth training on etiquette, I was convinced I could actually help contribute to the community by training peers of university students and society elite.


Being “Presentable” is a jargon in marketing.  When a contemporary society  is getting more sophisticated, there is a higher demand in lifestyle, taste, culture nurture, social networking and corporate management.  How to make first and lasting positive image, receive and entertain clients with the utmost of professionalism, savoir-vivre and precision?


Understanding and learning the art of etiquette is a way to build and foster your self-esteem, self-confidence, social respect as well as interpersonal relationships. In short, this is the “soft skills” which we always talk about: from dressing, behaviour, communications skills, table manner, intercultural awareness, afternoon tea etiquette, international social manner to business etiquette etc.


To ME, etiquette actually means the basic respect and self-respect for others and in a culture aspect.




  1. Many friends asked me if I went to the UK all the way to learn “posture”?

Yes strictly speaking. Posture is how you act with your body in every single move. Like how you can also pick it up from dancing. Posture is indeed an essential lesson for the art of etiquette. (yes part of it)

  1. Is learning the art of etiquette restricted to ladies only?

No. We do have different requirements for men and women, regardless social networking or business etiquette.

  1. Friends like to follow what I do while we gather and dine. During dining at a Vietnamese restaurant, is that true that gentlemen need to take food to ladies’ plate?

I believe I didn’t pay my tuition fee to learn that in the U.K. However, I guess our parents teach us some basic unlearnt virtue at home. For example, we cannot cross the other end with our chopsticks; never flip the bottom of the plate for serving; be quiet when you chew… all these basic table manners apply across the mainstream etiquette.

  1. Who should settle the bill when dining?

It depends on the situation in different occasions, for example, social or business settings.

  1. Have you planned to learn etiquette for sake of becoming a tai-tai? Well…
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