與國際頂尖設計師Fiona Kutor 進餐,暢談人生經驗

Sharing Life Stories with the International Leading Designer Fiona Kutor


是緣份吧,當日不經意帶著Tory Burch 的手袋,為Fiona Kutor 介紹餐廳內於國際響負盛名的藝術品,包括村上隆、草間彌生、MR. 、奈良美智、空山基等作品,以及色彩斑斕的巴西街頭藝術。途中Fiona Kutor 告訴我,她也是讀藝術出身! 她說這裏非常多顏色,但沒有不恰當,因為太多顏色放在一起是很難, 配合這裏很耀眼… 而且兼收並蓄 (eclectic), 我們一起說起同一個字!

Wasn’t it a destiny to carry my Tory Burch handbag with me when I showed Fiona Kutor around in an artistic restaurant? The special venue has showcased art pieces of many internationally well-known artists such as Takashi Marakami, Yayoi Kusama, MR., Yoshitoma Nara, Hajime Sorayama and an array of colourful street art collection from Brazil. Along the way, I am delighted to know we are sharing the same background – majoring in Fine Arts! She commented the interior design in her sharp artistic sense – colourful but not too messy with the combination. It’s not easy to use so many colours. It’s very “eclectic” – we spoke out the same word together!

Fiona Kutor 的背景很有趣,讀Fine Arts 出身,之後於Ralph Lauren  和Gap 工作,隨後幫助她的朋友Tory Burch 成立自己的品牌。雖然不是讀設計,最後成立品牌Kutor,專門設計手抓包(clutch bag)。 她的客人包括Jennifer Lopez、Kate Bosworth、Dakota Johnson、Tilda Swinton、 Jessica Alba、Carmen Electra、Emma Roberts, 以及各國殿堂級的名模。她的clutch bag 幾乎是每個名人出席紅地毯場合必備的配飾。

Fiona Kutor has her own interesting background. She majored in Fine Arts, and started her career in Ralph Lauren and Gap. She helped her friend to set up her own brand “Tory Burch” later on. Thought she did not major in design, she founded her own brand “Kutor” which specializes in clutch bags too. Her clients include Jennifer Lopez, Kate Bosworth, Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra, Emma Roberts… and many more leading models worldwide. Her clutch bags have become an icon for many celebrity artists on red carpets.


“我媽媽是我的創作靈感女神,她懂畫illustration, 也懂繪畫、室內設計,而我Fine Art的背景也啟發我日後創造。”


成立自己的品牌不易,雖然已立足於時尚界有一段日子,但她也謙遜地說 “成功來自於失敗的!”(Success only comes from failure!)

“我試過無數的失敗,例如成立品牌時,於深圳廠房做樣本,損失非常慘重;很多事情也是從頭再做,上了寶貴的一課。我現在常常親自到深圳看一切的生產。”現在的生產技術先進了很多。 “我打算用3D打印技術做樣本,成本效益比較好。”“未來我也會為我將來設計的3D打印袋取專利呢。”


Kutor: “要很專注,也要懂得先後之分。但是事情是會逆轉而被弄糟了。很多事情也是隨著時間而改變,必須要有Plan B。”


We sat down to hear more ups and downs from Fiona – in her fair manner and  humility.

“I am inspired by my mother. The “Goddess of Inspiration” is very talented, she has mastered illustration, drawing to interior design. I also think my Fine Arts background fostered my creativity too.”

“The inspiration comes from anywhere, from an art piece, a person, or the nature!”
“Success only comes from failure!” The celebrity designer has humbly shared her own brand story.

“I have encountered countless failure. Like when I founded Kutor, I suffered from considerable amount of loss in making samplings in a Shenzhen factory. I started everything from sketch again, and of course learnt a lesson. Till now, I visit my factory from time to time and supervise the quality.” With the technological breakthrough, everything can advance if you want. “I am planning to do sampling with the 3D printing technology. More cost effective. I will also get the patens for my own 3D printed bags!”

Relocating from New York to Hong Kong with a family of 4 sons, how does this women entrepreneur keep her own balance?

“Being focused and the art of prioritization. Things turn bad sometimes, and sometimes it’s beyond your control over time. Always with Plan B.”

“Well, I never plan for a family of 4 kids, but who knows I ‘d have a twins?” She shared with me a photo of the 4 lovely sons in Halloween costume.

耀眼的Fiona Kutor,散發著時尚而又優雅的女人味。

As sparkling as she can be, Fiona Kutor is a woman icon of fashion and elegance.

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