藝文青A day of Art and Culture


A Day of Art and Culture

全球最美的書店 – 好樣本事。

The World’s most beautiful bookstore – VVG Something


VVG Something is perfectly blended in the Huashan 1914 Creative Park where the old vinery factory is well preserved. When you entered the bookstore, as if you arrived at a tiny castle of elegance and grace. The high-ceiling building has two floors; there is a decent bar table on the lower floor where you can chill out with a cup of coffee. As you walked further down, you would imagine you were in an art museum with the different styles of painting along the way. A restaurant and a florist shop are down the ally. Cozy and comfortable. Up to the second floor, you can feel the good taste of the shop owner with the collection of books and lifestyle grocery – where you will never get bored with the shelves of aesthetics, design, art and dining.


Restaurant, café and florist shop on the ground floor. Love the tiles from original walls and floor with elegant tiles.


Shop with a variety of lifestyle grocery on the second floor, or just a flip of your favourite books at leisure.


Take your time as much as you want. Or have a coffee break downstairs.


Huashan 1914 is well preserved with the nature – giant trees grow by the old buildings and new branches grow over the old trees whose roots are well protected.


Sometimes, it is perfect to keep the imperfect wall – represents the beauty at the same time.


A snapshot of tourists in kimono passing by the old brick wall.

香色 Xiang Se – A laid back afternoon at Southern France!

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