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韓國政府很有遠見,除了大量投放資源於Kpop流行文化,也著重藝術文化和建築的發展。今次再到首爾所見已經是國際級的地標,如建築大師Zaha Hadid 的DDP (東大門設計廣場)- 規模大及建築具備多元功能非常震撼、MMCA (國立現代美術館) - 建築揉合東方和現代建築之美,並展出大量韓國頂級現代藝術家和國際級之作品,令人眼前一亮。Seoul Art Center展出一眾新進及前途無可限量的藝術家的作品;狎鷗亭和新沙洞是潮聖必到之地,聚集最頂尖的國際時尚品牌,而且長期展出別具心裁的品牌展覽。又或者到時尚品牌的咖啡室打卡吧,今次到Dior 及 Hermes 的旗艦店是很好的體驗。這樣的市務策略,粉絲一定會更忠愛他們的心水品牌!

Seoul looks so afresh since my last visit 5 years ago.

The Korean capital is renowned for its fashion icons and local food. Yet it ‘s far beyond this. Let me share with you a recent trip – which I have inspired my friends to discover the artistic side of Seoul.

The Korean government is very visionary. She has invested tremendously in the K-pop culture while the development of arts and architecture are not neglected. Seoul has become an international icon. Many iconic architecture landmarks are built, such as DDP by the late architect Zaha Hadid which balances perfectly with scale and multi-functions. The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) also houses a collection of Korean contemporary artists and international renowned pieces in a space of aesthetics matching the East oriental with modern touch. You can find equally stunning arts in the Seoul Art Center where you are inspired by the creativity of a group of emerging artists.

For fashion geeks, never miss the Apgujeong-dong and Sinsa where you can explore all the top-tier international fashion brands and their brand exhibitions. Or check in at one of the brand’s cafés. You will be amazed by the fabulous marketing strategy – and enhance your brand loyalty like me after a visit to the flagship stores of Dior and Hermes!


The UNESCO World Heritage Site Changdeokgung and the traditional Korean architecture village bukchon are not to be missed for learning the traditional culture of the developed economy. They are well preserved with the original historic touch. Can you imagine how relaxing it could be – to make a visit the attractions, and stroll into a neighborhood of interesting shops, modern art galleries and cafés?!


位於東大門的DDP ,大如一座金屬太空船,船內分為不同區域,包括展覽、建築、娛樂、兒童及青年藝術家的特色店舖,室外大片草地讓人作息。

DDP is situated in the heart of the Dongdaemun as if a spacious metallic spaceship landed to this modern city. The different zones have housed different exhibitions and thematic shops for architecture, entertainment, kids and young artists. The lovely touch – there is an outdoor lawn which is an enjoyable outdoor gathering and relaxing place.



The spacious and peaceful indoor: Highlight with the unlimited collection of deco I’d love to have!


The hip place has provided a variety of fashion icons for shopping. From local to international designers. Available with restaurants and food stalls too.

這樣LED 花海,開足365日,很美。

Such a fabulous all-year-round ocean of flowers!



The best demonstration of harmony in aesthetics – integrating the architecture and nature with the surrounding perfectly.


The overview of the contemporary art history in Korea is available at the museum.


The hip photography exhibition has illustrated perfectly the art of contrasts.


The stunning art piece called “Bird”.


Seoul Art Center 內展出年青藝術充滿玩味的作品。

The fun art pieces of emerging artists are available at the Seoul Art Center.

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