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September 2016


Borough Market – 最潮。最舊的市場

Borough Market – The Oldest and Hippest Market



You may have seen the Borough Market in many movies and TV shows. The 1000-year old market has become an icon for trendsetters – where you can buy fresh ingredients and produce or enjoy affordable food (ingredients taken fresh from the market).


The freshest veggie you can see.


Tomatoes of your choice.


My favourite seafood section.


Can you imagine you can get 2 big meat pies that are suffice for 2 meals at 1-2 pounds?


Covent Garden – 感受倫敦 West End 無限生命力

Covent Garden – The Energy of West End


有一句經典名句: ‘If you are tired of London, you are tired of life’.

到了 West End,無論你於 Covent Garden 欣賞國際知名的藝術展、世界聞名音樂劇或由 Covent Garden 步行至 Seven Dials 購物…目不暇給。

‘If you are tired of London, you are tired of life’.

You can certainly recharge yourself at the West End, where you can spend your day with the world’s leading art exhibitions and musicals in the Covent Garden, or do some shopping at the Seven Dials in a working distance. Love it!

此藝術裝置名為”Heart Beat”,用 10 萬個氣球代表這地方充滿著多元及活力。

“Heart Beat” – the art installation symbolizes the diversity and energy of London with 100,000 giant balloons.

Shaun the Sheep 於 Covent Garden 的展覽,由不同設計師及名人負責設計共 120 個 5 尺高的雕像,展覽過後將拍賣,收入將作慈善用途。

Shaun the [email protected] exhibition, Covent Garden – a collection of 120 sculpture by leading artists and celebrities – the artwork will be auctioned for charity.

於 Seven Dials 的小巷,內裏有很多特色小店及餐廳。

Not to miss the special shops and restaurants in the allies of Seven Dials.


跟星級大廚及糕點廚師 Eric Lanlard 上甜品課

The Dessert Lesson with the Pâtissier and Celebrity Chef Eric Lanlard



I am not good at cooking but I am in love in baking. It is the art of science which you need some good knowledge of chemistry in choosing the ingredients in every single step. Precision is the key and there is no return if only one single step fails! Also you need a sense of aesthetics and patience to make a good cake.

Eric Lanlard 是一個很有 Heart 的老師,他每一堂必親自教授,親自示範,之後讓學生創作。

Eric Lanlard is a good teacher. He would teach and demonstrate the steps for us in every lesson before we are free to explore on our own.

Chocolate Passion,圖為 Eric Lanlard 作品示範。

Chocolate Passion – demonstrated by Eric Lanlard.

這個是我演繹的示範,Eric Lanlard 每次也說笑我的作品更漂亮。

My version.  Eric Lanlard always joked with me that mine is prettier than his.

當日教整 Cup Cake,更設 Afternoon tea 給學生。

Making Cup cake of the day. Served with afternoon tea afterwards.

上課後一起吃的 Afternoon tea,塔有 Macaron,最特別有黑茶Macaron、 Cream brulee、 Raspberry mousse, lemon tart等。

We enjoyed the afternoon tea together after the lesson. Served with macarons and delights.

Highlights with the black tea macaron, cream brulee, raspberry mousse and lemon tart etc.

盛宴還有白朱古力mousse, 香檳及鹹點。

The fine afternoon with white chocolate mousse, champagne, and assorted snacks.

Eric Lanlard 是英國的 Cake Boy , 他的糕點設計處處也別具心思。

Eric Lanlard is a talented pâtissier – you can see the dedicated details of the British“Cake Boy” ‘s work.


Rustic snacks of the day. It is fun to learn from Eric that he is actually not a fan of sweet bites. Well I am delighted to try his yummy French dishes too.

Provencal Orange Cake,我最喜愛的作品。整個蛋糕,沒有用麵粉,吃時配以肉桂糖漿,整好後我立刻送給一個不吃蛋糕的朋友,他和家人立刻吃光!

My favourite work – Provencal Orange Cake

I simply love this recipe without flour, and with the amazing touch of cinnamon syrup when served. I sent to my friend who usually is not a fan of cakes, and he finished it upfront with his family!

學煮Caramel 中。

Learning to make caramel.



Caramelising the apples.

傳統法式_ Gâteau Breton Comme Mamie 蘋果批。餅底是焦糖蘋果批的批面,不花俏但很好味。

The classic French pastry – Gâteau Breton Comme Mamie

The apple pie crust was made by caramelized apple pieces. Simple but delicious!



An attentive teacher.

Chocolate and Rasberry Torte on Praline Bare,很享受最後garnishing的時候,蛋糕底以脆脆做,中間是紅莓,配以朱古力蛋糕及朱古力醬。

Chocolate and Rasberry Torte on Praline Bare – I enjoyed the garnishing a lot.

The crust was made with some crunchy praline, sandwiched with cranberries, served with chocolate cake and chocolate syrup.

Spicy Chocolate Tart, Eric 告訴學生他最愛用朱古力做靈感,所以 recipe 多以朱古力為主題。Spicy Chocolate Tart, Eric is a fan of chocolate so you can find most of his recipes are inspired with chocolate.

Eric Larland 親手煮的Coq Au Vin,是我吃過最好味的。

Coq Au Vin by Eric Larland – the best version I’ve ever had in my life.

充滿節日味的 Chocolate Christmas Cake, 橙酒浸過的時令提子,配以朱古力餅底,當中融入大量乾果及草莓,口感十足,最後再加橙酒,用乾果作裝飾。

The festive Chocolate Christmas Cake – with the seasonal grapes soaked in orange liquor. The moist chocolate cake is filled with considerable amount of dried nuts and winter berries.

It is served with orange liquor and nuts for garnishing.

Chocolate  & Christmas Buche de Noel  是傳統的聖誕木頭蛋糕,做法和蛋卷沒有不大分別,只需於裝飾上用聖誕節的食材便可。

Chocolate & Christmas Buche de Noel  – the classic cake for Christmas. It is basically the egg roll with some seasonal garnishing.  A classic I love!