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October 13, 2016


Columbia Road – Vintage 小區及花市集

The Vintage Columbia Road and Sunday Flower Market


鮮為人知的街道,離 Brick Lane 不遠,沒有遊客,但有品味的 Londoner 星期日會步行到這裏買鮮花或看 Vintage 精品。

Columbia Road is a hub for many locals who are of good taste and spending their Sundays with vintage accessories and flowers. It is a hidden district from tourists, not far from Brick Lane.

Angela Flanders 是我最喜愛的小店,她的香水全是手工制,為你度身訂造。

My favourite shop: Angela Flanders – where you can get your handcraft and bespoke perfume!


The shop is of vintage design.


Different kinds of perfume and products you can treasure hunt.


My bespoke perfume! My all time favourite rose.

行累了可到 Vintage Heaven 的 Cake Hole 吃下午茶。

Check out the Cake Hole in the Vintage Heaven for an afternoon tea after a long walk!

店內還有售賣大量 Vintage 的餐具。

A variety of vintage tableware you can find.


The fine selection of the shop – every tableware counts.


Spot for cool and good-looking people along the street!

星期日街中央是 Flower Market,價錢不貴;所以很多人前來買花,人頭湧湧。

There is a Flower Market in the centre of the street on Sundays. Busy yet affordable.


Beautiful selection in the market.

這裏好像花海,行完Flower Market 再行 Vintage 小店,真正享受人生。

The meaning of enjoying life – a tour of the Flower Sea and vintage shops.

如果有一點肚餓,可步行至Brick Lane 的Beigel Bake 吃 Salt Beef Beigel,價錢是 Oxford Street “Selfridges” 的 1/2,難怪大排長龍!

I’d recommend you for a bite at Brick Lane’s Beigel Bake if you feel like hungry in the middle. 1/2 of the Salt Beef Beigel you can find at “Selfridge” at the Oxford Street. Guess you can tell if it’s a bargain from the queue!

Salt Beef 每日新鮮自製,一件一件放在 Beigel Bread 內,很多汁及嫩口。

Freshly made every day – Salt Beef on the beigel bread. Juicy and yummy.