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November 10, 2016


食養山房, 修心養身, 天人合一

A retreat with the Nature at the Shi Yang Shan Fang


依山而建的食養山房, 是源自林炳輝先生的建築及個人修行理念, 整個建築揉合中國和日本禪的美學,融入大自然,沒有太多裝飾。抵達時只聽見昆蟲,雀鳥的叫聲;走過迴廟, 經過茶室, 中間自然成為了中庭, 再走到用餐處, 室內全是塌塌米, 靈靜素雅。 大大的窗戶收納自然光, 如走出室外, 只見被群山環抱, 山變靜寂。空間乾淨, 自然可與心靈對話。食養山房的食材是全時令的材料, 也有全素菜選擇, 每一道菜擺放,與食物器具配合, 締造東方美學的視覺效果。

The Shi Yang Shan Fang was built with the personal vision and expertise of the architect Lin Bin-hui. We can feel the perfect blend of the Chinese and the Japanese Zen art, and the nature with minimal decoration. Welcomed to the resort by singing birds and insects upon my arrival, I took a quick walk from the corridor, passing a teahouse then to the atrium. The restaurant is set with tatami in elegance and peace. Big windows are ready for pouring sunlight.Embracing by the peace from mountains, you can have a peaceful dialogue with the nature here. Try the set-course meals of the restaurant, it is from the freshest produce and seasonal ingredients with the visually stunning oriental artistic presentation. Vegetarian menu is also available upon request.


Tofu and peanuts + Corn juice.

燒鮭魚卷 + 干貝蒸蛋 + 蔬菜。

Salmon roll + streamed eggs with dried scallops + veggie.

綜合蔬菜冷盤 + 桑椹露。

Veggie appetizer + mulberry drink.

干貝 + 烏魚子麻糬。

Scallop + mullet roe mocha.


Rice with white asparagus and mushroom.

蓮花燉雞湯, 一路看著蓮花煮開。

Chicken soup with lotus. You can see how the lotus blooms gradually.