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November 24, 2016



Juancun (Si Si Nan Cun)


台北第一個「四四南村」原址, 現在保育為文化公園及市集場地。是安置國共內戰而遷徙至台灣的國軍及其眷屬而建。

Si Si Nan Cun, literately as Forty Fourth South Village, was the first military dependents’ village in Taipei. It was built to serve as a provisional residence for soldiers and their family members who fled from the mainland China as a result of the Chinese civil war between Kuomingtang (KMT) and Community Party of China (CPC).


The former housing was transformed into studios.

坐落於台北101旁, 新舊並融。

Located next to the Taipei 101 – The best illustration of the harmony of the old and the new.



Check out how the military officials and family members communicated back in the old days.

The buildings were built for blessing family members who left home in 1948.

到了眷村怎可少了眷村菜,由於好友嫁到台灣,她的丈夫專程帶我到「村子口」吃眷村菜。這裏的口味很地道, 我一試即愛上, 每次也到來吃一餐。

How can we miss the “Juan Cuisine”? Thanks to the recommendation of friend who married a Taiwanese, her husband took me to a restaurant called “Cun Zi Kou” (literally as the Village Inter-junction) for the local cuisine. In love with the dishes since I first tried. A must-visit spot of every Taiwan trip!

滷水拼盤, 全部可自己點。

Feel free to order what you want in a marinated platter.

蔥油餅炒菜, 有點北方菜的感覺, 味道一流。

地道餃子 - 白菜豬肉餃是豬肉韭菜,很大個,熱騰騰地上, 又香又滑。

Yummy scallion pancake with vegetables. Tasted like northern China cuisine.

Home-made dumplings – Pork and chives. Served in hot, such a big dumpling which tasted silky and smelled so nice!

炸魚, 再配惹味蔥及花生鬆, 海鮮是當日新鮮推介。

Deep-fried fish served with delicious spring onion and grounded peanut.

Also tried the seafood of the day.

簡單的家庭菜式, 洋蔥炒牛肉。

A simple homemade dish. Beef fried with onion.


My friends from Taiwan and the boss of “Cun Zi Kou”.

有點兒似香港大排檔, 店舖播著傳統軍人歌曲, 牆上也保留昔日的口號及老照片。

Looks like the food stalls in Hong Kong back in the old days. In melody of military songs. Classic patriotic slogans and photographs on the wall.