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維也納國立美術館 Vienna Kunsthistorishches Museum

這裡世界第四大博物館,館藏Habsburg 皇朝數百年收藏的珍品。完整地保留古羅馬至埃及及文藝復興時期的雕塑及畫作。而我最推薦是Picture Gallery。看一看 Old Manter Paintings 以足夠你看半天。Picture Gallery 內有2個重點,第一個是Dutch、Flemish及 German painting。畫家有Durer、Rubens、Rembrandt、Vermeer 、Van Dyck 及Pieter Bruegel the Elder。而第二個推薦是Italian, Spanish French Painting 。重點畫家包括Titian, Veronese、Tintoretto 、Raphael 的巨作 Madonna & the Meadow (1506)、Caravaggio;著名西班牙畫家如Valazquez、法國的Poussin 及英國的Gainsborough 的名作亦可於這裡看到。圖中是Museum 內的餐室,在這個環境下吃個午餐,十分值得!

This is the world’s fourth largest museum with the collection of Habsburg dynasty treasures over the past hundreds of years. It holds the complete preservation of sculptures and paintings from the ancient Rome, Egypt and the Renaissance. And I would recommend the Picture Gallery where you can spend a half day just with the Old Masters’ Paintings. The first highlight in the Picture Gallery would be the Dutch, Flemish & German paintings. Painters include Durer, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Vermeer and Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The second I would recommend would be the section of Italian, Spanish & French Painting. Key artists include Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Raphael’s masterpiece “Madonna & the Meadow (1506) as well as Caravaggio. You can also find a collection of masterpieces such as the famous Spanish painter Valazquez, the French artist Poussin as well as Gainsborough from the United Kingdom. It would be worthwhile if you can plan a lunch in the breathtaking museum dining room illustrated in the photo!

國立美術館是由建築師Gottfried Semper 設計,屬於新古典式風格(Neo classicism)。

The National Museum of Arts was designed by the architect Gottfried Semper, which was an icon of the Neo-classicism.

館內大廳由樓梯連接至不同樓層,你一入內已被大理石柱,拱形天花及精緻石像Theseus Defeating the Centaur (1805) 迷著了。

The hall connects to different floors by stairs. And you would probably be fascinated by the marble columns, vaulted ceilings and delicate stone statues like the Theseus Defeating the Centaur (1805).

再往後望,你會看到舉世聞名的Klimt 兄弟留世的作品,於拱門與石柱之間被金照耀著的希臘羅馬女神和埃及人像。

Looking back, you will see the world’s famous works of the Klimt brothers between the arches and the pillars of the Greek goddess of golden ambiance as well as the Egyptian portrait.


In love with this museum. It’s smaller than the Lourve, but you can appreciate the best selection of different periods. And you can enjoy the peace as much as you want with no crowds.

Italian, Spanish及 French Painting 的一間房。牆上展示舊式展覽方法。

One of the rooms inside of the Italian, Spanish & French Paintings. The wall exhibits in old-fashioned style of displaying art pieces.

Raphael 的Madonna & the Meadow (1506) 於文藝復興高峰時期的作品,不容錯過,此作品展現了當時的特色,例如精心計算的構圖,綠色的原野連著不同人物,手連耶穌、聖母的小腿成對角線,眼神凝視主角,背後的天空像光環(halo), 遠景亦無限。畫家亦善用大量象徵主義,例如Poppy seeds代表耶穌的感性及復活。

Not to miss Raphael’s Madonna & the Meadow (1506), a classic icon of the high Renaissance period. Features such as well-calculated composition, green fields attached to different characters, hand in hand with Jesus, diagonal line of the Lady and her leg, eyes staring at the main character, the sky background like a halo with a vision of infinity. The painter also used a collection of symbolism, such as Poppy seeds on behalf of Jesus’ sensibility and resurrection.

Vermeer 的 The Art of Painting (1665) 是屬於Dutch 油畫黃金時期的傑作。主角是他畫家本人,女主角是 Clio,Muse of History,作品是表現他自然的畫工,光線涉 進空間,地磚和窗簾有層次地引領我們的視線到2個主角,更透過室內的物件表達景深,室內的物件如地圖、吊燈、書等代表畫家熟識及運用各種象徵主義(Symbolism)。

Vermeer’s The Art of Painting (1665) is a masterpiece of the Dutch oil painting’s golden age. The protagonist was his painter himself, the actress was Clio, Muse of History. The influx of light into the room is to create space and the floor tiles and curtains led our sight to the two main characters. You can see how the painter mastered the art of symbolism, for example, the expression of depth through interior displays like maps, chandeliers, books.

Correggio 的Jupiter and Io (1530) 於晚文藝復興時期得作品,感性而誘人,Jupiter 化作灰色的雲引誘Io的一刻,她整個人被雲抱著,頭側,嘴張開,手把拉著Jupiter。Correggio把她的皮膚畫到白得像白磁,並以白的對比再增加她皮膚的柔軟感,此畫影響了後期Mannerism 及 Baroque 時期人物的繪畫方法。

Correggio Jupiter and Io (1530) was an icon in the late Renaissance period. Sensual and seductive. You can feel it with Jupiter turning into a grey cloud to seduce Io – her body cuddled by the cloud, leaning head and opening mouth, pulling Jupiter. Correggio portrayed her skin as white as porcelain, while the white contrast illustrated the softness of her skin. All these influenced the way of portraits of the later Mannerism and Baroque paintings.

Pieter Bruegel 的The Tower of Babel (1563) 提示人類在世上只是一瞬即逝的個體,沒有一樣東西是永恆的。

The Tower of Babel (1563) by Pieter Bruegel suggested that man is a fleeting individual in the world and that nothing is eternal.

Ruben’s Cymon & Iphigenia (1617) 講述一個沒接受過太多教育的Cymon 愛上了高貴的 Iphigenia 而勤奮學習,最後成為一個優雅而有學識的男人,娶了Iphigenia。這畫用了大量寫生做背景及靜物描寫,是典型Flemish 的風格。

Ruben’s Cymon & Iphigenia (1617) was about a love story of Cymon and Iphigenia. Cymon was uneducated but turned into an educated and elegant gentleman with his hard work after falling in love with the noble Iphigenia, and got married in the end. This painting demonstrated a lot of sketches in the background and still objects, which is typical in Flemish style.


戀上維也納。天上人間Heaven on Earth – Vienna

Habsburg 皇朝600年盛世歷史、世界文化遺產、世界音樂之都、咖啡文化、坐擁世界四大博物館之一、藝術、美饌…通通融薈在一起的一個城市。日與夜在這城市大街小巷遊走,感受了人生一次最美、最自由的旅程。雖然Vienna未必是香港人歐遊的首選,但當你在這兒逗留多幾天,你便可知道住在這裡的奧地利人的生活質素有多高;整個城市提供多元文化、藝術、美酒佳餚、現代化的交通建設、安全而寧靜的街道等配套,四處還被自行車的小徑包圍著,難怪被選為世上10個首選居住的城市!

A city of Habsburg Dynasty with 600 years of history, the world’s cultural heritage, the home of the world’s music, coffee culture, with the world’s fourth largest museum, art, delicacy…I am glad to enjoy one of the most beautiful and freest journey in my life wandering around in the city day and night. While Vienna may not be the first choice for Hong Kongers, you can feel that the Austrian people living here are enjoying high standard of living if you are able to stay here for a few more days.

The city offers you with multiculturalism, art, wine and food, modern transport infrastructure, safe and quiet streets, not limiting to bike trails surrounding. No wonder Vienna has been selected as one of the top 10 cities for living!

Spanish Riding School

舉世聞名的Spanish Riding School 是歐洲最歷史悠久的騎術學校,當日剛巧到步是星期日,一落機便趕至看難得一見的Lipizzaner 貴族馬dressage。請一定要提早一個月前於網上訂票,否則一定摸門釘。

The world’s famous Spanish Riding School is the oldest riding school in Europe. The day happened to be a Sunday that I visited. I rushed to see the rare dressage by Lipizzaner, the aristocratic horse upon arrival. Please be sure to book one month in advance online if you don’t want to miss the chance.


Paying tribute to the audience in the beginning.


The horses were ready to perform with the music.

當日坐在第一層,旁邊是一對英籍夫妻,資深馬術愛好者,向我講解馬匹互相mirror 大家動作是很高難度。

I happened to sit on the first floor that day, next to a pair of British couples who were experienced equestrian enthusiasts. They explained to me each mirror action is very difficult for horses.


At this point the horse were also ready, difficult moves for each individual performance.



Bouillon Chartier 於巷內吃到像個當地人Dining in an ally like the local

在香港很難找到百年老店,而巴黎反而可保留不少地道的經典美食。當日我大概11點已到達,因為12點過後已經要排隊,而且大部份都是本地人。Chartier的服務生是很有趣的, 就算我一早到來,也要安排我跟陌生人同桌 (其實這是餐廳的特色和傳統之一),麵包跟人一起分食, 但這樣我就可以跟一起同桌吃飯的朋友談天說地!由於是百年老店,同桌朋友教我看看較近門口好像“百子櫃”的櫃子,其實是百多年前熟客各自存放餐巾的抽屜,很有歷史感。

It’s hard to find many century-old shops in Hong Kong but it’s another case for local food in Paris. I arrived Bouillon Chartier around 11 a.m. – before the local crowd line up after noon. The Chartier waiters are very interesting, they would arrange me to share the table with some strangers (the tradition of this restaurant), so that I would share the bread and mingle with my dining buddies! For its century old heritage, my dining buddy introduced me a shelf that looked like the hundred-drawer shelf in the Chinese Pharmacy. Can you imagine they were drawers that regular customers store their napkins? Love the historical touch.

置身於百年老店bistro, 好像時光倒流。我坐下時人不太多, 不到一會兒已開始排隊。

As if I came back to the times when this century old bistro was opened. It was quiet when I sat down but soon the queue appeared.

頭盤叫了傳統法式芝士生菜沙律,由坐在我對面分桌的法國人介紹。這裡的傳統,連麵包也共 嚮。

Appetizer started with classic French cheese veggie salad – which was recommended by the local French who shared the table with me. The art of tradition started with the sharing bread with your dinning buddies.

主菜推薦油封鴨, 嫩而多汁。

Recommend the main course – Duck Confit – tender and juicy.


精緻享受逛街、行百貨公司的樂趣 Enjoy a day of delicate shopping and department store visit

在巴黎購物,除了到各品牌朝聖外,如果想避開人潮,享受購物、藝術及擴閱眼界,可到Le Bon Marche。它是巴黎當地的高級百貨,檔次媲美英國的Harrods,但沒有大批的觀光客,而且擺設非常精緻,店員服務態度也很好。這裏一樓賣國際頂尖品牌,2樓賣時尚女裝,3樓是家居用品,書店等等,4樓是兒童衣物,玩具,B1是男士用品及時裝。這裏空間感很大,自然光充足,有一種行街也很Chic 的感覺。逛完本館後可到La Grande Epicerie, 看看全世界頂級食材的超市 - 光是逛也令人大開眼界。

There are an alternate way to enjoy your shopping in Paris. Escape from the crowd, you can visit Le Bon Marche for a day of shopping, art and simply opening horizons. It is a high-end department store as if Harrods in the UK, but mainly for locals. Sophisticated display and friendly staff will certainly impress you. On the first floor you can find a collection of international brands, second floor is lady’s contemporary, third floor is homeware and bookstore etc., the fourth floor is kids wear and toys, while the B1/F is men wear and accessories. Feel chic with its spacious and natural sunlight setting. Can further your shopping journey at La Grande Epicerie – be amazed with the international top-notch supermarket with the best produce in Paris.


Very fashionable with the art installation on the top floor.

逛累了到La Grande Epicerie海鮮區,吃生蠔,非常新鮮,價錢十分合理。

Try some fresh oysters at the La Grande Epicerie seafood section if you are tired. Affordable and fresh!

與其是血拼,不如到Saint Honroe 掃貨,這條街沿途都是品牌外,更有潮人界聖殿Colette,Goyard、Herme’s旗艦店、Chanel、 Christian Louboutin 、Roger Vivier 、LV …

I’d recommend shopping at Saint Honroe – where you can easily find an array of brands, the fashionable icon Colette, Goyard, Hermes flapship, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Roger Vivier, LV …

紅了多年的有型 Hotel Costes也位於Saint Honroe。

The chic icon – Hotel Costes is also located in the Saint Honroe.