I believe I can do something beautiful…Spreading love and energy to bring positive impact and inspiration to people. Bob Marley once said ‘If you keep chasing numbers, you will never be happy. The numbers never end.’ At this point of my life, I left and let go of past conditioning except a positive mind set by tapping in an unknown area. On taking a creative break, I start re-weaving different spots of my life through my blog; transforming my creative energy and multi-facets to something tangible to inspire.


我堅信我可以為世界添上美感 …..散發愛的喜悅與能量,為身邊的人與事帶來正面的影響和啟發。





Belinda Lin is a vibrant marketing and public relations professional with leadership roles in various industries. A Fine Art degree holder, Belinda started her career with one of the top global 4As advertising agencies before enjoying a successful corporate career with key telecommunication as well as IT players and was the Head of Marketing of a multi-national corporation. She then became Head of Marketing and Public Relations for Lifestyle and Fine Dining industries, with Michelin-starred restaurants and international luxury brands as her key clientele, and was appointed as Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Power Youth Association while simultaneously being the Chairman of Hong Kong Etiquette Association, Honorary Advisor of I Can Fly Development Ltd (Accredited SEs) and member of Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneur Association. Belinda won important accolades including Gold award for the Best PR Campaign in Corporate Social Responsibility and Silver award for the Best PR Idea of PR Awards 2016. She is also the recipient for Market Leadership Award in Digital Technology by Hong Kong Institute of Marketing in 2015. A culture and taste expert and a certified International Business Etiquette Consultant as well as a certified International Social Etiquette Consultant, under the direct training of Tamiko Zablith, Europe’s top International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, Belinda debuted her first art exhibition at Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018.

Having worked for the most prestigious corporate companies,  Belinda has the ability to tailor compelling marketing campaigns, memorable PR events, customer experiential activities and staging of successful social mobile campaign.  She is aspired to integrate and manifest her vibrant pass together with her sound business experience to contribute to the success, integrity and professionalism for today’s global business world. She can tailor the most compelling and international etiquette program, comprehensive yet versatile, chic and stylish approach with style and delivery that cater the needs of business executives and those in search of refinement in life in Hong Kong and Greater China.

Born and educated in Hong Kong, Belinda has also lived in London and Shanghai. She enjoys painting, reading and travelling in her spare time. She loves all the fine things in life!





2016年PR Asia 社會企業責任最佳公關活動金獎,和

2016年PR Asia 最佳公關創意銀獎。


練誠鸝是一位文化和品味專家,曾經師從世界公認的禮儀領袖Tamiko Zablith,並持有「倫敦國際禮儀學院」和「社交禮儀學校」的國際商務禮儀顧問及國際社交禮儀顧問的認證。




(3)  認證社企「斐尚文化有限公司」榮譽顧問

(4)  金紫荊女企業家協會會員