Fluidity in Life – Interview with Ron Arad

(Courtesy to The Closeteur)


Fluidity of Life

Being in the flow, accepting whatever comes and find the meaning before it passes on.  Going with the flow, allowing whatever comes to move on freely without holding on.  Orchestrate with the strings of constant changes. Evolve into different identities with memories and experience. Stay open, stay with the flow. The only continuity, in life and in love, are growth and freedom.                                     Love 大愛

                                   Balance 中庸

                              Freedom 逍遙


Hong Kong Is Pushing Its Boundaries to Become an ‘Artropolis’


Hong Kong is always promoted as dining and shopping hot spot, and the city has to transform itself with sophistication because it holds the third place in art market for trading and buying art in the world. The annual art month where Art Basel, Art Central and Asia Contemporary Art Show take place encompassing fine art and contemporary art, one may not also notice Hong Kong Art Festival also celebrates its 45th anniversary this year.  The leading position is further solidified by multibillion-dollar redevelopment project of Western Kowloon Cultural District featuring M+ museum with significant contemporary Chinese art pieces mainly donated by Uli Sigg, it also offers theatres, art galleries, exhibition spaces and park.  Despite of the key events and important auctions hold twice a year, there is a lot more varieties to offer by the visionary art collectors and gallery owners who want to build conversations with art connoisseur, bringing art as an experience to public space.  Hong Kong Art Gallery Association is set to engage and open our eyes by Hong Kong Art Week with different art programs to raise the awareness on the art scene to enrich our life experience and to promote art at local level.


Gallery Hopping at Noho

A walk from Central to Hollywood Road, you can surf from traditional white wall galleries with high ceilings inside Pedder Building to interesting space by walking up along Old Baily Street closer to Caine Road. Heading towards Sheung Wan, interesting galleries featuring international artists juxtapose with antiques shops will definitely keep your eyes busy and dizzy!


Hanart TZ Gallery

Currently exhibiting Fang Lijun: This All Too World, a solo exhibition of recently paints and prints by the most celebrated Beijing-based artist Fang Lijun.  He turns his honest gaze to the anxiety and pain felt by those living in the midst of a transforming society, shaped by rapid and critical change when China is still undergoing social transformation.  Fang Lijun is characterized by two principle sets of imagery.  The first shows a ‘grand’ landscape among which masses of people are gathered.  Their vision is always broad and passionate with the intention to describe the mind set of a collective society.  His key figures including heroes, every walks of life, beasts or birds are being washed away by the tide of history and become generic masses with the same collective face.  The other main type of imagery is represented by hallucinatory images of multitudes.  People float in a fluid space with their face spinning in a vortex in which the image has no sense of perspective. These people are more violent, greedy and desperate for power.  New-born baby, the future, is threatened and stared by predators.  Within these images, we see the collective social mode wipe of history and culture that twist human nature and produce pack of wolves lacking in personal morals.  On the contrary, the cruelty of extreme individualism and commercialisation is also devouring the ‘future’.  Fang questions the future and show he truly cares about the world. This humble teacher deserves every respect!


Contemporary by Angela Li

The gallery is presenting ‘Human Nature’ by one of the most talented London-based Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. This exhibition showcases his latest works by using different mediums including Chinese lacquer woodcarving, traditional Suzhou embroidery, porcelain, acrylic on canvases and screen prints.  His works feature traditional Chinese motifs, characters from old Chinese folk tales or super heroes from Western comics to present his concern on current social issues or subject matters.  The artist is able to mix different mediums together, demonstrating his talent and enthusiasm in traditional Chinese craftsmanship, which are both eclectic and visually pleasing. He said to me that ‘When looking at my works, I want people to reconsider one’s self-identity.  I am lucky as I am not institutionalised, my talent can be fully expressed.’  Jacky’s work does not confine to certain specific style as he will take further step to change his style as he evolves.


10 Chancery Lane

In celebration of the legendary Frog King, Kwok Mang Ho, 70th birthday, this gallery presents Frog King’s first solo exhibition showcasing his art works in his ever-changing phases of life by experimenting different mediums, breaking the traditional boundaries of ink and calligraphy.  He was formally trained by seminal New Ink Painting master Lui Shou Kwan, constantly steering contemporary art in Hong Kong through engaging a great diversity of media covering calligraphy, installation, graffiti, performance art, photography and sculpture.  In this exhibition, you can see this free-spirit artist is using his intuitive with spontaneous imagination and improvisation on his works and performance art to interact with audience.  Engaging with him is quite an experience; he would pass his spectacle and giant painting brush to me to be part of his art work!


Whitestone Gallery

This art space is presenting gallery collection by showcasing artworks by KAWS, Jeff Koons and Yoshimoto Nara. Celebrating our childhood imagination develops from our first encounter with children books, this exhibition aims to provoke audiences to re-experience seemingly familiar visual in a different way.  Can you recall these vivid images in your memory?


A Destination

Wong Chuk Hang, the former industrial area with lofty space and lower rents, offers more flexibility for galleries and local artists experiment their creative practise. Just a few minutes’ walk from Wong Chuk Hang MTR station, you can immerse yourself with absolute different galleries with vast displaying area to present big art pieces and projects. People can also come in studios to stay as long as they like to engage with the exhibition or build conversation about it.


Rossi & Rossi

(Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Art Gallery Association)

Having passed through the dusty lobby and took a ride by cargo elevator, this gallery has vast exhibition space with specialty in displaying both classical and contemporary art. During the visit, they are presenting When Head and Body United by acclaimed Cambodian art Leang Seckon.  His art works compose of a variety of media-textiles, photographs, posters, found objects, reveals his memories growing up during a devastating and turbulent period in Cambodian’s history, Khmer Rouge and its subsequent attempts to heal.


De Sarthe Gallery

Situated within a modern office tower in the Southside, it offers 10,000-squre-foot space which is exhibiting The Must See Art Show Where You Can Find 10,000 Artists by Wang Xin.  She challenges the archaic structure of the art world, as she often takes its institutions, systems and dogma as her material.  The exhibition comprised of multiple interactive, site-specific installations in which Wang Xin challenges the status of the artist as well as the art world’s current ecosystem.  Wang also encourages the participation of each audience as soon as they walk into the gallery.  As the exhibition suggests, 10,000 unknown artists’ contact information are stored inside the pink balls.  The audience is entitled to pick up the pink ball, open it, and unravel an unknown artist’s information.


Objects Factory (Kacey Wong’s Studio)

A home-grown artist’s private studio houses his installations and art works designed and hand-crafted by him, fusing with authentic Hong Kong Culture and elements. I met him in his studio in Ap Lei Chau. Once stepping into his studio, you would be stunned by its cosiness with an open air terrace overlooking the seaside. He explains each of his art work drawn from what he experiences, observes or exposes the reality. His works combine social and political statement; his mobile work Eggette Bar, he mocks the cost of making the mobile car is only HK$50,000 comparing to the cost of street food truck that could cost over HK$1million.  Being a teacher, he also encourages each people ‘should focus on their own interest, let your talent excels, and you are not meant to do that…’, while pointing the most expansive land in Hong Kong.

Eggette Bar.

Empty Gallery

(Photo courtesy of Empty Gallery)

A complete black-cube space which is exhibiting Toshio Matsumoto: Everything Visible Is Empty, a retrospective exhibition of the late experimental filmmaker and visual theorist, examining arguably his most fertile creative period: the years from 1960 to 1979. The 2-floor exhibition area is divided into 10 rooms screen playing his works including ‘The World Goes Pop’ at Tate Modern and ‘Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avant-Garde’ at MoMa.


Klimt 藝術之旅 。The art tour of Klimt , Belvedere and Secession

音樂之都除培育了偉大的音樂家之外,還孕育了許多充滿創造力的藝術家。如果你曾被KISS 所感動,就一定要到Belvedere 一睹原畫。這裡收藏了Klimt 不同時期的作品,尤其是他「黃金時期」的創作。作品瀰漫著金光、色彩絢麗,流滿感官和奢華的氣氛。而Secession 「分離會館」保留 Klimt 的壁畫(Beethoven Frieze),把 Beethoven 第9 交響曲以神化的方法來表達,正與邪的對抗及人生的真善美。

奧地利鎮國之寶Kiss (1908),畫中主角有人認為是他的長期伴侶Emily Floge。 Kiss 是Klimt 頂峰之作,大量用金色和圖案,感官強烈。

The Music capital not only has given birth to many great musicians, but also a number of creative artists. If KISS has ever touched your soul, you must not miss the original painting in

Belvedere. You can find a collection of Klimt’s different periods, especially his “Golden Period” which was a symbol of gold, colours, senses and luxury. The Secession’s “Hall of Preservation” has kept Klimt ‘s murals (Beethoven Frieze). It has illustrated the Beethoven Symphony No.9 in an artistic way, which is an icon of confrontation good and evil and expressions for the true beauty of our life.

Kiss (1908), the country’s treasure. Some think the protagonist was Klimt’s long-term partner and lover Emily Floge. Kiss is the masterpiece of Klimt, with a massive use of gold and patterns for a sensational contrast.

Belvedere 與其他宮殿不同,只用白色,除了一睹Kiss 之外,更可看Klimt 「黃金時期」的肖像及風景畫。

Unlike other palaces, Belvedere is a white house. In addition to Kiss, you can see a collection of portrait and landscape from Klimt’s “Golden Period”.

Marble Hall 是供人休息之地。

You can take a rest at the Marble Hall.


1898年由Wagner 學生Joseph Maria Olbrich 設計,對抗舊建築派和宮廷貴族的藝術。特徵是屋頂上以一片一片金色的月桂葉組成。

Designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich, a student of Wagner in 1898. It is a symbol against the art of old architects and court aristocrats. Characterized by a piece of gold on the roof composed by bay leaves.

正面有Madusa 頭像,亦在金色的浮雕花,牆上寫著「每個時期都有它的藝術,藝術有它的自由。」 (Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Frerheit)

A portrait of Madusa in the front, and a golden relief on the wall.

“Every period has its art, the art has its freedom.” (Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Frerheit)


館內展示Klimt 如何在牆上創作他的壁畫。

The gallery shows how Klimt created his fresco on the wall.



維也納國立美術館 Vienna Kunsthistorishches Museum

這裡世界第四大博物館,館藏Habsburg 皇朝數百年收藏的珍品。完整地保留古羅馬至埃及及文藝復興時期的雕塑及畫作。而我最推薦是Picture Gallery。看一看 Old Manter Paintings 以足夠你看半天。Picture Gallery 內有2個重點,第一個是Dutch、Flemish及 German painting。畫家有Durer、Rubens、Rembrandt、Vermeer 、Van Dyck 及Pieter Bruegel the Elder。而第二個推薦是Italian, Spanish French Painting 。重點畫家包括Titian, Veronese、Tintoretto 、Raphael 的巨作 Madonna & the Meadow (1506)、Caravaggio;著名西班牙畫家如Valazquez、法國的Poussin 及英國的Gainsborough 的名作亦可於這裡看到。圖中是Museum 內的餐室,在這個環境下吃個午餐,十分值得!

This is the world’s fourth largest museum with the collection of Habsburg dynasty treasures over the past hundreds of years. It holds the complete preservation of sculptures and paintings from the ancient Rome, Egypt and the Renaissance. And I would recommend the Picture Gallery where you can spend a half day just with the Old Masters’ Paintings. The first highlight in the Picture Gallery would be the Dutch, Flemish & German paintings. Painters include Durer, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Vermeer and Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The second I would recommend would be the section of Italian, Spanish & French Painting. Key artists include Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Raphael’s masterpiece “Madonna & the Meadow (1506) as well as Caravaggio. You can also find a collection of masterpieces such as the famous Spanish painter Valazquez, the French artist Poussin as well as Gainsborough from the United Kingdom. It would be worthwhile if you can plan a lunch in the breathtaking museum dining room illustrated in the photo!

國立美術館是由建築師Gottfried Semper 設計,屬於新古典式風格(Neo classicism)。

The National Museum of Arts was designed by the architect Gottfried Semper, which was an icon of the Neo-classicism.

館內大廳由樓梯連接至不同樓層,你一入內已被大理石柱,拱形天花及精緻石像Theseus Defeating the Centaur (1805) 迷著了。

The hall connects to different floors by stairs. And you would probably be fascinated by the marble columns, vaulted ceilings and delicate stone statues like the Theseus Defeating the Centaur (1805).

再往後望,你會看到舉世聞名的Klimt 兄弟留世的作品,於拱門與石柱之間被金照耀著的希臘羅馬女神和埃及人像。

Looking back, you will see the world’s famous works of the Klimt brothers between the arches and the pillars of the Greek goddess of golden ambiance as well as the Egyptian portrait.


In love with this museum. It’s smaller than the Lourve, but you can appreciate the best selection of different periods. And you can enjoy the peace as much as you want with no crowds.

Italian, Spanish及 French Painting 的一間房。牆上展示舊式展覽方法。

One of the rooms inside of the Italian, Spanish & French Paintings. The wall exhibits in old-fashioned style of displaying art pieces.

Raphael 的Madonna & the Meadow (1506) 於文藝復興高峰時期的作品,不容錯過,此作品展現了當時的特色,例如精心計算的構圖,綠色的原野連著不同人物,手連耶穌、聖母的小腿成對角線,眼神凝視主角,背後的天空像光環(halo), 遠景亦無限。畫家亦善用大量象徵主義,例如Poppy seeds代表耶穌的感性及復活。

Not to miss Raphael’s Madonna & the Meadow (1506), a classic icon of the high Renaissance period. Features such as well-calculated composition, green fields attached to different characters, hand in hand with Jesus, diagonal line of the Lady and her leg, eyes staring at the main character, the sky background like a halo with a vision of infinity. The painter also used a collection of symbolism, such as Poppy seeds on behalf of Jesus’ sensibility and resurrection.

Vermeer 的 The Art of Painting (1665) 是屬於Dutch 油畫黃金時期的傑作。主角是他畫家本人,女主角是 Clio,Muse of History,作品是表現他自然的畫工,光線涉 進空間,地磚和窗簾有層次地引領我們的視線到2個主角,更透過室內的物件表達景深,室內的物件如地圖、吊燈、書等代表畫家熟識及運用各種象徵主義(Symbolism)。

Vermeer’s The Art of Painting (1665) is a masterpiece of the Dutch oil painting’s golden age. The protagonist was his painter himself, the actress was Clio, Muse of History. The influx of light into the room is to create space and the floor tiles and curtains led our sight to the two main characters. You can see how the painter mastered the art of symbolism, for example, the expression of depth through interior displays like maps, chandeliers, books.

Correggio 的Jupiter and Io (1530) 於晚文藝復興時期得作品,感性而誘人,Jupiter 化作灰色的雲引誘Io的一刻,她整個人被雲抱著,頭側,嘴張開,手把拉著Jupiter。Correggio把她的皮膚畫到白得像白磁,並以白的對比再增加她皮膚的柔軟感,此畫影響了後期Mannerism 及 Baroque 時期人物的繪畫方法。

Correggio Jupiter and Io (1530) was an icon in the late Renaissance period. Sensual and seductive. You can feel it with Jupiter turning into a grey cloud to seduce Io – her body cuddled by the cloud, leaning head and opening mouth, pulling Jupiter. Correggio portrayed her skin as white as porcelain, while the white contrast illustrated the softness of her skin. All these influenced the way of portraits of the later Mannerism and Baroque paintings.

Pieter Bruegel 的The Tower of Babel (1563) 提示人類在世上只是一瞬即逝的個體,沒有一樣東西是永恆的。

The Tower of Babel (1563) by Pieter Bruegel suggested that man is a fleeting individual in the world and that nothing is eternal.

Ruben’s Cymon & Iphigenia (1617) 講述一個沒接受過太多教育的Cymon 愛上了高貴的 Iphigenia 而勤奮學習,最後成為一個優雅而有學識的男人,娶了Iphigenia。這畫用了大量寫生做背景及靜物描寫,是典型Flemish 的風格。

Ruben’s Cymon & Iphigenia (1617) was about a love story of Cymon and Iphigenia. Cymon was uneducated but turned into an educated and elegant gentleman with his hard work after falling in love with the noble Iphigenia, and got married in the end. This painting demonstrated a lot of sketches in the background and still objects, which is typical in Flemish style.


Musée d’Orsay - 不容錯過的印象派大師作品

Musée d’Orsay -這個令我百看不厭的藝術館,位於羅浮宮對岸,已翻新了的展館館藏大量極具價值的印象派(Impressionism)作品,特別主題展覽及傢俬展覽,頂樓餐廳極具時尚感,隔著Seine塞納河吃午餐,彷彿讓時間停止吧。而在此讓我分享館裏很喜愛的作品。

Musée d’Orsay is my all-time-favourite art museum. It is located in the opposite side of Musée du Louvre. The renovated museum has housed a collection of significant Impressionism paintings, thematic exhibitions as well as furniture exhibition. As if the time had stopped, you can actually have a decent luncheon besides the Seine in the stylish restaurant on the top floor. Let me share my favourite picks with you.


Monet has portrayed his family lunch gathering under the sun.

Renoir的Bal du Moulin de la Galette。看似很causal但其實是經過細心安排構圖及光線的作品。當時中產階級於巴黎剛剛興起,他們喜愛到Café談天說地、跳舞,享受生活。

Renoir’s Bal du Moulin de la Galette. It looks causal but indeed was carefully planned with composition and light. The emergence of bourgeoisie – who loved to enjoy their life, socializing and dancing in café.

Renoir的Dance in the Country 及Dance in the City。差不多的posture,兩種不同階級的人。

Renoir’s Dance in the Country and Dance in the City. Similar posture but telling us people in different classes.


Degas loved ballerina and captured dancers’ natural movement.


L’Absinthe – One of the most famous work of Degas. The technique was so advanced as if the photographic effects of cameras. Expressed the lost feelings of modern city life in bars.

另一個Van Gough的展館,這間房是他被放在精神病院的房間。

A exhibition of Van Gough. The room simulated the hospital where he was kept after suffering a psychotic episode.

Van Gough的The Church at Auvers。

Van Gough’s The Church at Auvers.

Van Gough的La Meridienne ou La sieste, d’apres Millet。

Van Gough’s La Meridienne ou La sieste, d’apres Millet.


The thematic exhibition of prostitutes and mistresses. Very bold paintings, documentaries and supplies.

19th-20th 家俬展,有很多Art deco的家品及裝修。

19th – 20th Furniture Exhibition – highlighted with art deco’s pieces and interior design.

浮華瑰麗的Art deco家俬。

Extravagant furniture of art deco style.


Chic design of the restaurant.


The tower clock till now, facing Lourve. As if the time had stopped.


Au revoir! I ‘ll be back.


Morphing Butterflies (From Gold to White)

蛻變中的蝶 (由黃金到雪白)


Butterfly is representation of transformation and self-revelation. Each of them strives to shine through darkness, win through struggling, finding balance and fulfilment through self-creation. The ultimate redemption of life is to return to the purest form of being.



Beauties of Life: Inverno & Primavera



Beauties of Life:  Primavera

Beauties of Life: Inverno

Everything has its own season…
A time to bloom
A time to fade
A time to change
A time to let go
A time to harvest
A time to sorrow
A time to joy
There is a time of purpose
Under the Sun













True Beauty Lies Within



We are all born with what has been given. Yet we are the only person who chooses to become who we are. Beauty grows with time as we grow inside.