禍兮 。福兮

Bad or Good?


西方人有一句諺語:“The only constant in life is change.” (“轉變是永恆的定律。”) 今年對於我來說,是變化莫測的一年。回想我的事業成成敗敗,從來不是一帆風順。旁人眼裏的風光,其實他們不知道我於辦公室做到深夜12點,躲在位裏流淚,到第二朝倒若無其事上班的日子。或者自以為是於跨國企業做點前所未有的事情吧,自己創造的多個市場推廣項目,行前多步,徹底改變了公司形象。外界欣賞,內裏則不一…… 犧牲了許多時間 (假日加班)、精神去改變一切,最後決定放下,放了幾個月長假。開始時,簡直對這個世界徹底失望。糟糕的人和事,不停在腦子一幕一幕重演。失重心了,太多時間了,才開始反省,到底自己想做什麼,不喜歡過去的行業,轉行是否太遲?為什麼過去只是單一的工作,人的價值是否由工作的成敗而去釐定成功?然後到外地走走,聽聽朋友的意見,也趁這幾個月學自己喜歡的興趣、畫畫、更想不到執筆寫blog, 留點經驗及智慧。






一直走著,搬了新房子,轉變了,又接著來,有一日收了一個電話,便成功轉了一個行業 -是一直盼望與藝術、頂級品牌、生活潮流相關的工作,終於夢想成真!當我寫這篇總結時 (又或是一個開始),才發覺我今年竟然贏了三個市務及公關獎項。對過去的事情,總算給我一個正能量的交代!





There is an idiom from the West: “The only constant in life is change.”


2016 is a Year of Change for me.  Undergone ups and downs in my career are norm. Some people may admire the bright side of my career path, but they would never know how hard I was working at the office till the midnight in my tears, and pretended nothing had happened the next day. I was ambtious to make a change in multi-national organisations. Yet, one may never get equal apprecation in and out of the workplace – even someone out there was amazed by the turn-around of the corporate branding as a result. I had forgone excessive time (overwork during weekends) and mental stress to make something happened. However, one day, I just decided to let it go. During a few months of break, I was totally disappointed with the world, and all the bad memories just kept wandering in my brain. It was until a point where I realised I lost the balance, and maybe too much idle time. I started my reflection in life – what do I want to do? Can I still make a shift from the industry that I didn’t really like? Why did I just focus on work? What is the meaning of success in life? Was it defined by work achievements? Then I made a few refreshing trips, listened to the valuable peer advice, and picked up some hobbies and drawing again, and even started a blog!


Can I leave a blank canvas  in my life for a few months? Was that true?


The life went on. I moved to a new house, got some changes and more changes followed. One day, I got a call, which successfully made a career shift – yes, the dream job associated with arts, high-end brands and lifestyle! While I am writing a review of this year (or a new beginning), and I just realized I won 3 marketing and prestigious PR awards at work this year. What a credit for the past!


Just keep going, make a turn sometimes. Embrace the changes, and you’d never know what is in stored for you!. Right there waiting for you.