Klimt 藝術之旅 。The art tour of Klimt , Belvedere and Secession

音樂之都除培育了偉大的音樂家之外,還孕育了許多充滿創造力的藝術家。如果你曾被KISS 所感動,就一定要到Belvedere 一睹原畫。這裡收藏了Klimt 不同時期的作品,尤其是他「黃金時期」的創作。作品瀰漫著金光、色彩絢麗,流滿感官和奢華的氣氛。而Secession 「分離會館」保留 Klimt 的壁畫(Beethoven Frieze),把 Beethoven 第9 交響曲以神化的方法來表達,正與邪的對抗及人生的真善美。

奧地利鎮國之寶Kiss (1908),畫中主角有人認為是他的長期伴侶Emily Floge。 Kiss 是Klimt 頂峰之作,大量用金色和圖案,感官強烈。

The Music capital not only has given birth to many great musicians, but also a number of creative artists. If KISS has ever touched your soul, you must not miss the original painting in

Belvedere. You can find a collection of Klimt’s different periods, especially his “Golden Period” which was a symbol of gold, colours, senses and luxury. The Secession’s “Hall of Preservation” has kept Klimt ‘s murals (Beethoven Frieze). It has illustrated the Beethoven Symphony No.9 in an artistic way, which is an icon of confrontation good and evil and expressions for the true beauty of our life.

Kiss (1908), the country’s treasure. Some think the protagonist was Klimt’s long-term partner and lover Emily Floge. Kiss is the masterpiece of Klimt, with a massive use of gold and patterns for a sensational contrast.

Belvedere 與其他宮殿不同,只用白色,除了一睹Kiss 之外,更可看Klimt 「黃金時期」的肖像及風景畫。

Unlike other palaces, Belvedere is a white house. In addition to Kiss, you can see a collection of portrait and landscape from Klimt’s “Golden Period”.

Marble Hall 是供人休息之地。

You can take a rest at the Marble Hall.


1898年由Wagner 學生Joseph Maria Olbrich 設計,對抗舊建築派和宮廷貴族的藝術。特徵是屋頂上以一片一片金色的月桂葉組成。

Designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich, a student of Wagner in 1898. It is a symbol against the art of old architects and court aristocrats. Characterized by a piece of gold on the roof composed by bay leaves.

正面有Madusa 頭像,亦在金色的浮雕花,牆上寫著「每個時期都有它的藝術,藝術有它的自由。」 (Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Frerheit)

A portrait of Madusa in the front, and a golden relief on the wall.

“Every period has its art, the art has its freedom.” (Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Frerheit)


館內展示Klimt 如何在牆上創作他的壁畫。

The gallery shows how Klimt created his fresco on the wall.


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