Musée d’Orsay - 不容錯過的印象派大師作品

Musée d’Orsay -這個令我百看不厭的藝術館,位於羅浮宮對岸,已翻新了的展館館藏大量極具價值的印象派(Impressionism)作品,特別主題展覽及傢俬展覽,頂樓餐廳極具時尚感,隔著Seine塞納河吃午餐,彷彿讓時間停止吧。而在此讓我分享館裏很喜愛的作品。

Musée d’Orsay is my all-time-favourite art museum. It is located in the opposite side of Musée du Louvre. The renovated museum has housed a collection of significant Impressionism paintings, thematic exhibitions as well as furniture exhibition. As if the time had stopped, you can actually have a decent luncheon besides the Seine in the stylish restaurant on the top floor. Let me share my favourite picks with you.


Monet has portrayed his family lunch gathering under the sun.

Renoir的Bal du Moulin de la Galette。看似很causal但其實是經過細心安排構圖及光線的作品。當時中產階級於巴黎剛剛興起,他們喜愛到Café談天說地、跳舞,享受生活。

Renoir’s Bal du Moulin de la Galette. It looks causal but indeed was carefully planned with composition and light. The emergence of bourgeoisie – who loved to enjoy their life, socializing and dancing in café.

Renoir的Dance in the Country 及Dance in the City。差不多的posture,兩種不同階級的人。

Renoir’s Dance in the Country and Dance in the City. Similar posture but telling us people in different classes.


Degas loved ballerina and captured dancers’ natural movement.


L’Absinthe – One of the most famous work of Degas. The technique was so advanced as if the photographic effects of cameras. Expressed the lost feelings of modern city life in bars.

另一個Van Gough的展館,這間房是他被放在精神病院的房間。

A exhibition of Van Gough. The room simulated the hospital where he was kept after suffering a psychotic episode.

Van Gough的The Church at Auvers。

Van Gough’s The Church at Auvers.

Van Gough的La Meridienne ou La sieste, d’apres Millet。

Van Gough’s La Meridienne ou La sieste, d’apres Millet.


The thematic exhibition of prostitutes and mistresses. Very bold paintings, documentaries and supplies.

19th-20th 家俬展,有很多Art deco的家品及裝修。

19th – 20th Furniture Exhibition – highlighted with art deco’s pieces and interior design.

浮華瑰麗的Art deco家俬。

Extravagant furniture of art deco style.


Chic design of the restaurant.


The tower clock till now, facing Lourve. As if the time had stopped.


Au revoir! I ‘ll be back.

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