Paris, I never have enough of you!


Many friends were fair to Paris after their European trips. Crowded, small hotels, French are not the friendliest, shops close early, and not open on Sundays… Despite these complaints, I haven’t changed my impressions to the city every time I visited: She is a gorgeous woman, a bit arrogant, carefree, with her own definition of style. If you understand the inner side of her, you’d enjoy everything she gave you. Similar to French – they know how to enjoy their life, and love their life and carefree. Why don’t you take it slow, and let me show you how a Local French lives in Paris.

今次落腳的酒店一出門對著凱旋門,只要步行幾個街口可到位於Champs Elysees 的 Laduree 的本店,很喜歡今次座位的安排,一眼可看盡 不同的角落。

My stay was perfect – facing Arc de Triomphe, which is just a few blocks away from Champs Elysees where you can find the flagship of Laduree. Love the seat arrangement where you can have a full glace of every corner.

Ham Salad,內裏包著很多蔬菜,甜品是蘋果批。

Ham Salad – many veggies inside. Dessert was apple pie.

Rose Tea 味道一流,立即買了回港。

Love the rose tea. Bought home right away.


Such a beautiful store. Every corner deserves a snapshot.


The interior of the whole restaurant.


Dining area.


The main store is very spacious with different dining zones.  Must come back for more selfie!

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