Sainte-Chapelle 全歐洲唯一全用玫瑰琉璃建的教堂 The only rose stained glassed church in Europe

說必去的聖母院 -不如到這塊唯一的瑰寶朝聖。我大學讀美術史時已經下決心要來這裡。這座建於1248年的中世紀小聖堂,被喻為全巴黎最美的聖堂。二樓全用玫瑰琉璃而建,經複修之後,重視當年風彩,二樓好像一個會隨著日光而變色的寶盒。記得早一點去排隊,你將為人類的智慧及室內的歌聲而感動。

If someone tells you to visit Notre Dame, I would recommend you to Sainte-Chapelle, the true Gothic gem in Paris! I was determined to visit since I was studying art history in university. The mid-century small church was built in 1248 and is regarded as the most beautiful church in Paris. The second floor was made with rose stained glasses and as if a colour changing treasure box upon sunlights after restoration. Remember to queue earlier, and let the mankind wisdom and the choir touch your soul.


The ground was built in Romanesque style which results in darker interior.

一到二樓,你會被15個50尺的玫瑰琉璃(stained glass)帶來很震撼感覺。

You will be stunned on the second floor by 15 stained glass windows at 50 feet tall.

近看玫瑰琉璃(stained glass)。

A closer look of the stained glass.


The design of the back of the church.

近祭壇的玫瑰琉璃(stained glass) - 被照到五光十色。

The shining stained glass at the altar.

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