Schonbrunn Palace 皇室盛宴音樂夜 An Imperial Night of Feast & Music at the Schonbrunn Palace

Habsburg 王朝的華麗皇宮、巴洛克式建築風格,是中歐宮廷建築典範,皇宮於1996年被列入世界文化遺產。宮內有超過千間房,現在只開放部分給參觀,如「鏡廳」、「大廳」、美麗黑金亮漆的「漆廳」、耗資百萬的「百萬之廳」、Maria Theresa 、Franz Joseph I 及夫人Sisi 的寢宮。當晚的音樂會前安排品嚐Franz Joseph I 最愛的美饌,再到Great Gallery欣賞莫扎特和約翰·施特勞斯音樂會,渡過人生中最難忘一夜之一!

The gorgeous palace of the Habsburg Dynasty and the baroque architecture is an icon for the Central European palaces. The palace was listed as the world’s cultural heritage in 1996. There are more than a thousand rooms in the palace. Selected area are now only open to visitors, such as “Mirrors Room”, “The Great Gallery”, a beautiful black gold lacquer painted hall “Vieux Laque Room”, “Millions Room” worth a million in value, the bedroom of Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph I and his wife Sisi. It was one of the most memorable nights in my life – enjoying the Franz Joseph I ‘s favorites and a Mozart and John Strauss concert at the Great Gallery!

Franz Joseph I 的辦公室。

The office area of Franz Joseph I.

Franz Joseph I 及 Sisi 新婚的寢宮。

The bedroom of Franz Joseph I and Sisi on their wedding day.

Sisi 二八年華當時的畫像 。

The portrait of Sisi when young.


典雅白色與金色的「鏡廳」(Mirror Room),當時只得6歲的莫扎特於這裏向Maria Theresa 獻技!

The elegant Mirror room of white and gold. This is where the 6-year-old Mozart performed to Maria Theresa!


長達40m 的「大廳」(Great Gallery),頂上的壁畫歌頌Maria Theresa的統治;昔日重要宴會及晚會也於此舉行。

Look up to 40-metre-high Great Gallery, you can see the fresco of Maria Theresa’s reign. This was where important banquets and parties were held back then.


Sisi 的小偏廳。

One of Sisi’s pavilions.


Maria Theresa 的偏廳,佈置很女性化,牆上掛了她所有13個在世兒女的畫像,包括

Marie Antoinette (上角)。

A feminine pavilion of Maria Theresa. With the portraits of her 13 children on the wall, including Marie Antoinette in the upper corner.



Love the lace woven curtain and soft lighting of the pavilion.


宮殿內最貴的房間 (Million Room),整個廳用紅木 (rosewood)建成,並鑲入印度及波斯的微小畫作,價值連城。

Millions Room, the most expensive room in the palace. The whole hall was built with rosewood and embedded some tin paintings from India and Persia. Luxury.




Ready for an imperial feast after a visit to the palace.



Traditional beef broth with fried pancakes, topped with herbs that add rich aroma. Delicious!

Franz Joseph I 最愛的清燉牛肉,加入蔬菜與香料熬煮,牛肉鮮嫩不老,通常配以酸忌廉一起吃。

Franz Joseph I ‘s favorite beef stew. The beef is slow cooked with vegetables and herbs till it is completely tender. Usually serve with sour cream.


甜品是Apple Strudel,蘋果片加肉桂和葡萄乾,甜味適中而且氣味芬香。

Dessert is Apple Strudel. Apple slices are wrapped with cinnamon and raisins, perfect sweetness and fragrance.



Finale – A slow walk to the performance venue of the night. Full house and great reservation seating!



Well known melody of the night, such as Mozart’s “Figaro’s wedding”. The night was ended with John Strauss’s “The Blue Danube”. Missed the concert!


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