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世界文化遺產 – 昌德宮 Changdeokgung – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Changdeokgung – UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Changdeokgung has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It is one of the most beautiful palaces in Korea for its perfect integration with the nature. The photo was taken in the backyard of the Changdeokgung, which was only used by Emperor’s concubines.


Taken at the imperial pharmacy. Has the charming colour of RED told you its beauty of history?


Every single detail was well preserved in the palace. Look at the elegant and sophisticated chairs and wall paint.

Si Wha Dam

韓風時尚料理餐廳,將料理以藝術方法呈現於眼前, 餐具也是韓國知名藝術家作品。

A place for stylish Korean cuisine – the cuisine is presented with the form of art. Well accompanied by the tableware made by local contemporary artists.


The healthy choice of the day.


這家店供應最高級的韓牛(A+等級),稱「碧帝牛五花」。選用牛的13 根肋骨中最佳的韓牛「生五花」,因為霜降程度像雪花而得名。

The restaurant offers the highest quality Korean beef (grading A+), known as flower brisket. The Korean beef is finely selected with the best brisket right between 13rd ribs of each cow. Flower is named after the shape of snowflakes.


The beef is served after charcoal barbecue. Best served with a dip of salt, then the sauce. The side dishes are also very delicious.



The family cooking restaurant has run for more than 20 years. Affordable and value for money with more than 20 dishes of appetizers! Recommended by the locals who usually come after work!


Interesting to explore a collection of the owner’s past memories.