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Fluidity in Life – Interview with Ron Arad

(Courtesy to The Closeteur)


吳哥寺(小吳哥) . Angkor Wat

吳哥寺(簡稱小吳哥) 是高棉建築藝術最登峰造極之作,亦被譽為世界上最大的宗教建築。城內總共分為三層構造,從外可見轟立著五個高塔,最高的中心塔離地面約65米,城外四面由護城河緊緊環繞。主建築群周圍有大空地,內裡有多個小房間,共藏有超過2000 個浮雕及銘文。最具歷史感的銘文和浮雕,可於此處尋。當爬到主塔的第三層, 可看到四個大佛,面向四個軸心。現在主體建築有些較新的佛殿,仍有不少僧侶在這裡修行。日落時,整個吳哥寺變成金色,十分耀眼。夕陽餘暉襯托之下,美得令人不捨離去。

The temple of Angkor Wat is the masterpiece of Khmer architecture, and it has been called the largest religious structure in the world. It has already become a symbol of Cambodia. The temple is made of three layers of gallery, and composed of five towers that symbolize five peaks of a mountain. The largest is the one in the center, which is 65 meters tall, and the quincunx of towers. The walls are surrounded by a moat that symbolizes an ocean surrounding mountain ranges. Walking along the corridor of the complex, one would be immediately impressed by the extensive bas-reliefs and devatas adorning the walls, as there were over 2000 of them inside Angkor Wat including some of the oldest art works. When I was walking up the steep stairway to the third floor of the central tower, I saw four Buddhas each facing the four axes. Many Buddhist monks can be seen in the temples, with their orange robes casting a bright contrast with the grey walls. Sunset in Angkor Wat is one of the most impressive and breathtaking views, with fading dusk light turning the stones into golden color. A sight that will forever linger in my mind.

寺內第一層的浮雕、銘文是最豐富。The first layout of the gallery showcase the most extensive reliefs and inscriptions.

長廊的浮雕十分震撼。The stunning reliefs at the gallery wall.

聽說塔頂曾有一顆鑽石。Legend said there was a huge diamond casting on top of the tower.

塔頂內高錦盛世的浮雕。The reliefs represent the height of Khmer art.

 靜待日落。Watching sunset is a must at Angkor Wat.

於第三塔上的引人入勝的浮雕。The enchanting reliefs on the third floor.

浮雕是高棉藝術頂峰之作,輕紗放在肌膚上,十十分立體。仙女體態和比例均稱,非常優美。This is the height of Khmer artistic style, layers of draperies that cover the lush skin of the fairies can clearly be seen.  The fairies are well proportioned with slandered bodies, all looking very natural.

安靜。My moment of solitude.

作了一個小小的捐獻,僧侶為我送上祝福。I made some donation for the temple and the monk was blessing me with his good words.

 在這裡修行的僧侶。Monks are still practising here inside Angkor Wat nowadays.

日落時,有點深秋的感覺。Sunrise…sunset…Life is changing of seasons.  Fall is here… 


Banqueting House, Whitehall – 一睹 Peter Paul Rubens 真跡

Banqueting House, Whitehall – Appreciating the Masterpiece of Peter Paul Rubens


除了到 Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace & Tower of London,很多人不知道這座是一級的歷史建築。它是 Palace of Whitehall 唯一完整保留下來的一部份,標誌著英國建築史上新古典主義(neo-classical) 的興起。

Except Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace & Tower of London, have you ever visited another grade A world-class heritage architecture which is mostly missed by many tourists?

Make a trip to the Banqueting House, Whitehall – the only remains of the Palace of Whitehall which is significant to the emergence of the neo-classicalism in the history of the British architecture.

Peter Paul Rubens 真跡: The Apothesis of James I。

The authentic artwork of Peter Paul Rubens: The Apothesis of James I.

Rubens 的天花。

The ceiling of Rubens.

Charles I  的寶座。

The throne of Charles I.


The ballroom is available for booking for events and banquets.