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Hong Kong Is Pushing Its Boundaries to Become an ‘Artropolis’


Hong Kong is always promoted as dining and shopping hot spot, and the city has to transform itself with sophistication because it holds the third place in art market for trading and buying art in the world. The annual art month where Art Basel, Art Central and Asia Contemporary Art Show take place encompassing fine art and contemporary art, one may not also notice Hong Kong Art Festival also celebrates its 45th anniversary this year.  The leading position is further solidified by multibillion-dollar redevelopment project of Western Kowloon Cultural District featuring M+ museum with significant contemporary Chinese art pieces mainly donated by Uli Sigg, it also offers theatres, art galleries, exhibition spaces and park.  Despite of the key events and important auctions hold twice a year, there is a lot more varieties to offer by the visionary art collectors and gallery owners who want to build conversations with art connoisseur, bringing art as an experience to public space.  Hong Kong Art Gallery Association is set to engage and open our eyes by Hong Kong Art Week with different art programs to raise the awareness on the art scene to enrich our life experience and to promote art at local level.


Gallery Hopping at Noho

A walk from Central to Hollywood Road, you can surf from traditional white wall galleries with high ceilings inside Pedder Building to interesting space by walking up along Old Baily Street closer to Caine Road. Heading towards Sheung Wan, interesting galleries featuring international artists juxtapose with antiques shops will definitely keep your eyes busy and dizzy!


Hanart TZ Gallery

Currently exhibiting Fang Lijun: This All Too World, a solo exhibition of recently paints and prints by the most celebrated Beijing-based artist Fang Lijun.  He turns his honest gaze to the anxiety and pain felt by those living in the midst of a transforming society, shaped by rapid and critical change when China is still undergoing social transformation.  Fang Lijun is characterized by two principle sets of imagery.  The first shows a ‘grand’ landscape among which masses of people are gathered.  Their vision is always broad and passionate with the intention to describe the mind set of a collective society.  His key figures including heroes, every walks of life, beasts or birds are being washed away by the tide of history and become generic masses with the same collective face.  The other main type of imagery is represented by hallucinatory images of multitudes.  People float in a fluid space with their face spinning in a vortex in which the image has no sense of perspective. These people are more violent, greedy and desperate for power.  New-born baby, the future, is threatened and stared by predators.  Within these images, we see the collective social mode wipe of history and culture that twist human nature and produce pack of wolves lacking in personal morals.  On the contrary, the cruelty of extreme individualism and commercialisation is also devouring the ‘future’.  Fang questions the future and show he truly cares about the world. This humble teacher deserves every respect!


Contemporary by Angela Li

The gallery is presenting ‘Human Nature’ by one of the most talented London-based Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. This exhibition showcases his latest works by using different mediums including Chinese lacquer woodcarving, traditional Suzhou embroidery, porcelain, acrylic on canvases and screen prints.  His works feature traditional Chinese motifs, characters from old Chinese folk tales or super heroes from Western comics to present his concern on current social issues or subject matters.  The artist is able to mix different mediums together, demonstrating his talent and enthusiasm in traditional Chinese craftsmanship, which are both eclectic and visually pleasing. He said to me that ‘When looking at my works, I want people to reconsider one’s self-identity.  I am lucky as I am not institutionalised, my talent can be fully expressed.’  Jacky’s work does not confine to certain specific style as he will take further step to change his style as he evolves.


10 Chancery Lane

In celebration of the legendary Frog King, Kwok Mang Ho, 70th birthday, this gallery presents Frog King’s first solo exhibition showcasing his art works in his ever-changing phases of life by experimenting different mediums, breaking the traditional boundaries of ink and calligraphy.  He was formally trained by seminal New Ink Painting master Lui Shou Kwan, constantly steering contemporary art in Hong Kong through engaging a great diversity of media covering calligraphy, installation, graffiti, performance art, photography and sculpture.  In this exhibition, you can see this free-spirit artist is using his intuitive with spontaneous imagination and improvisation on his works and performance art to interact with audience.  Engaging with him is quite an experience; he would pass his spectacle and giant painting brush to me to be part of his art work!


Whitestone Gallery

This art space is presenting gallery collection by showcasing artworks by KAWS, Jeff Koons and Yoshimoto Nara. Celebrating our childhood imagination develops from our first encounter with children books, this exhibition aims to provoke audiences to re-experience seemingly familiar visual in a different way.  Can you recall these vivid images in your memory?


A Destination

Wong Chuk Hang, the former industrial area with lofty space and lower rents, offers more flexibility for galleries and local artists experiment their creative practise. Just a few minutes’ walk from Wong Chuk Hang MTR station, you can immerse yourself with absolute different galleries with vast displaying area to present big art pieces and projects. People can also come in studios to stay as long as they like to engage with the exhibition or build conversation about it.


Rossi & Rossi

(Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Art Gallery Association)

Having passed through the dusty lobby and took a ride by cargo elevator, this gallery has vast exhibition space with specialty in displaying both classical and contemporary art. During the visit, they are presenting When Head and Body United by acclaimed Cambodian art Leang Seckon.  His art works compose of a variety of media-textiles, photographs, posters, found objects, reveals his memories growing up during a devastating and turbulent period in Cambodian’s history, Khmer Rouge and its subsequent attempts to heal.


De Sarthe Gallery

Situated within a modern office tower in the Southside, it offers 10,000-squre-foot space which is exhibiting The Must See Art Show Where You Can Find 10,000 Artists by Wang Xin.  She challenges the archaic structure of the art world, as she often takes its institutions, systems and dogma as her material.  The exhibition comprised of multiple interactive, site-specific installations in which Wang Xin challenges the status of the artist as well as the art world’s current ecosystem.  Wang also encourages the participation of each audience as soon as they walk into the gallery.  As the exhibition suggests, 10,000 unknown artists’ contact information are stored inside the pink balls.  The audience is entitled to pick up the pink ball, open it, and unravel an unknown artist’s information.


Objects Factory (Kacey Wong’s Studio)

A home-grown artist’s private studio houses his installations and art works designed and hand-crafted by him, fusing with authentic Hong Kong Culture and elements. I met him in his studio in Ap Lei Chau. Once stepping into his studio, you would be stunned by its cosiness with an open air terrace overlooking the seaside. He explains each of his art work drawn from what he experiences, observes or exposes the reality. His works combine social and political statement; his mobile work Eggette Bar, he mocks the cost of making the mobile car is only HK$50,000 comparing to the cost of street food truck that could cost over HK$1million.  Being a teacher, he also encourages each people ‘should focus on their own interest, let your talent excels, and you are not meant to do that…’, while pointing the most expansive land in Hong Kong.

Eggette Bar.

Empty Gallery

(Photo courtesy of Empty Gallery)

A complete black-cube space which is exhibiting Toshio Matsumoto: Everything Visible Is Empty, a retrospective exhibition of the late experimental filmmaker and visual theorist, examining arguably his most fertile creative period: the years from 1960 to 1979. The 2-floor exhibition area is divided into 10 rooms screen playing his works including ‘The World Goes Pop’ at Tate Modern and ‘Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avant-Garde’ at MoMa.


咖啡文化。 風韻猶存 Coffee Culture with Long Standing History

維也納咖啡館源自由來已久的文化。若要體會奧地利人生活的精髓,一定要置身於當地的咖啡館。你會感受舒適、悠閒的氣氛,並且與世界接軌的感覺。奧地利人喜歡與朋友到咖啡聚會、看報紙或作思想上的交流 。

Café in Vienna represented a long-standing culture. To experience the essence of Austrian life, be sure to stay in a local cafe. You will feel comfortable and relaxed with the atmosphere, and the feeling of convergence with the world. Austrians like spend their time with friends, read newspaper or make some intellectual conversations at café.


一切源於一袋咖啡豆。1683年土耳其入侵維也納,遺留一袋當時相當昂貴的咖啡豆於城閘。當時皇帝King Jan III 把豆交給軍官 Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki。他把牛奶及糖加進咖啡內,竟成了芳香馥郁的飲品,其後便開了第一間咖啡館。及至18世紀,咖啡館已成為上流社會的時尚,音樂家如貝多芬、莫扎特到咖啡館作公開表演;商家、政治家、文青或音樂愛好者、廚師等也有屬於自己的一家咖啡館。多得Habsburg 皇朝對咖啡及蛋糕的喜愛,宏偉的咖啡館如Café Central, Sperl & Café Landtmann 於19世紀開幕,室內全用大理石或雲石桌子、水晶燈和精緻的餐椅,非常雅緻。咖啡館已於2011年被UNESCO 列入世界非物質文化遺產。如果參觀完博物館,或行街時想找個地方休息,不妨去高貴而優雅的咖啡館小歇閒聊,感覺無比放鬆。

The History of Café

Everything comes from a bag of coffee beans. In 1683, when Turkey invaded Vienna, a bag of expensive coffee beans was left at the city gate. King Jan III passed on the beans to Officer Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki. He put the milk and sugar into the coffee which turned into a drink of fragrance. He thus opened the first coffee shop in Vienna. Until the 18th century, café became a fashion icon for the upper class. Musicians such as Beethoven and Mozart make their appearance in cafés. People from businessmen, politicians, the intellectual youth, music lovers to chefs would have their own coffee shops. Thanks to the passion of coffee and cakes of the Habsburg dynasty, the Café Central, Sperl & Café Landtmann were opened in the 19th century.

You can still find the delicate interior design with the marble walls, marble tables, chandeliers and sophisticated dining furniture. The Café was listed as the UNESCO’s World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011. If you would like to chill out a bit after a museum visit or shopping, have a coffee break in an elegant café in town. It’s just so relaxing!

從1876年開始,Café Central 已成為眾多藝術家、作家流連的場所。這棟是由Ferstel 公爵官邸改建而成的咖啡館,入口有世界名作家Peter Attenberg 的人像坐在椅上,以作紀念。音樂家如貝多芬、舒伯特、約翰史特勞斯父子,畫家如Klimt 也曾是座上客。

Since 1876, Café Central has become a hub for artists and writers. This café was converted from the residence of the Duke of Ferstel. You can see the iconic statue of the world’s famous writer

Peter Attenberg sitting in the chair by the entrance. Musicians such as Beethoven, Schubert, John Strauss and his son, painters such as Klimt were one of the guests.

當晚急不及待,點了奧地利知名的Wiener Schnitzel。

Can’t wait to order the Vienna’s signature Wiener Schnitzel.


Café Central 內的甜點與蛋糕,是咖啡的絕配。

The desserts and cakes of Café Central, what a perfect match with coffee.

絕色Café Demel, 高貴而又有氣派的裝修,精緻的蛋糕街知巷聞,店內售賣糖果的一角,很夢幻。

The stunning Café Demel – with noble and stylish interior deco and famous cakes. And how fantastic the candy corner was!


Displaying the theme of fall.

Demel 的蛋糕,多不勝數,必需留肚品嚐滋味。

Must leave your quota for the colourful cakes of Demel.


Appreciate the every bits and bites at the bar table.


Lunch and snack menu. With a variety of options.


Classic Vienna coffee and pate.


Echo with the renowned Apfelstrudel.

Café Demel 後的糕點廚房是給客人觀看各式甜點的製造過程。

Visitors are free to take a look at the making of desserts behind the scene from the bakery room behind.

Café Sacher 是維也納五星酒店Hotel Sacher 內,裝潢亮麗。Viennese 咖啡很滑很滋味。Ham Salad 比我想像中大。

Café Sacher is a charming 5-star hotel in the heart of Vienna. Viennese coffee was very silky. The ham Salad was bigger than I thought.


這裡著名的Sachertorte, 是到維也納必吃的甜品。它是風味特別的朱古力蛋糕,上層是朱古力片,朱古力醬包著朱古力海綿夾心蛋糕,夾心內有兩層杏桃醬,旁邊再擺上忌廉平衡朱古力的甜味,每一口也是完美配合。

You must not miss the Vienna’s signature dessert Sachertorte here. It’s a special flavor of chocolate cake. The upper layer with chocolate chips, chocolate sponge cake wrapped with chocolate sauce, sandwiched with two layers of apricot sauce. The chocolate sweetness was balanced with the cream next to it… what a perfect blend!


不容錯過皇帝煎餅(Kaiserchmarrn),深受Franz Josef 1的喜愛而得名,弄碎的鬆餅上洒上糖粉,配以李子醬,熱騰騰奉上,口感鬆軟,充滿幸福感。

Not to miss his majesty Franz Josef 1’s favourite dessert – Kaiserschmarrn.  A rustic and fulfilling dessert made with pastry with icing sugar sprinkle on top, served with chutney on a hot pan.



藝文青A day of Art and Culture


A Day of Art and Culture

全球最美的書店 – 好樣本事。

The World’s most beautiful bookstore – VVG Something


VVG Something is perfectly blended in the Huashan 1914 Creative Park where the old vinery factory is well preserved. When you entered the bookstore, as if you arrived at a tiny castle of elegance and grace. The high-ceiling building has two floors; there is a decent bar table on the lower floor where you can chill out with a cup of coffee. As you walked further down, you would imagine you were in an art museum with the different styles of painting along the way. A restaurant and a florist shop are down the ally. Cozy and comfortable. Up to the second floor, you can feel the good taste of the shop owner with the collection of books and lifestyle grocery – where you will never get bored with the shelves of aesthetics, design, art and dining.


Restaurant, café and florist shop on the ground floor. Love the tiles from original walls and floor with elegant tiles.


Shop with a variety of lifestyle grocery on the second floor, or just a flip of your favourite books at leisure.


Take your time as much as you want. Or have a coffee break downstairs.


Huashan 1914 is well preserved with the nature – giant trees grow by the old buildings and new branches grow over the old trees whose roots are well protected.


Sometimes, it is perfect to keep the imperfect wall – represents the beauty at the same time.


A snapshot of tourists in kimono passing by the old brick wall.

香色 Xiang Se – A laid back afternoon at Southern France!



Taichung – A stay in Old England Manor with Mom


一個很特別的假期,忙碌的工作過後需要休息,也想擴闊自己的眼界,同時媽媽原來未到過台灣,所以決定帶她到台北及台中一趟。口密的我從來沒有告訴她,我早已訂了老英格蘭園 (Old England Manor) 或任何一間酒店。照顧我這個任性而又好奇心重的女兒這麼久,很想給她驚喜!

It’s a very special holiday. It is a break for work, an opportunity to widen my horizons, as well as an occasion to take Mom to Taiwan for the first time. I wanted to give her a surprise in the accommodations – thank her for taking care of a willful and curious daughter for so long.

這個英國 Turdo建築風格的古堡位於情境,華麗典雅,䇄立於1700公尺山間,雲霧、陽光時聚時散, 神秘又富魅力。這個建築由構思至落成歷時9年的時間,耗資超過2億新台幣。所有建材、木雕和家具全由歐洲進口。整座古堡分3個區域,只得23間房,每一間房也用頂級的Focal Utopia的音響,浴室用Hermes或BVGARI 精緻淋浴用品。房間每天都貼心附上一個surprise 給我們,晚餐更邀請所有客人到堡主的莎士比亞音樂廳,享受過百萬法國 Focal Utopia 音樂的共賞會,也讓住客互相認識、一起喝酒、小吃和聊天。古堡內有很多複製的藝術品給住客欣賞。這裏私隱度很高,不開放給外賓,參觀人仕只可到這裏享用有名的傳統英式下午茶,可參觀餐廳和室外庭園。清境溫差很大,白天和晚上可相差10度,必須帶多一點衣物。住在這裏認識了莊園內的服務員,每一位都很貼心和細心,每天除了與賓客談天說地外,也特別照顧我媽媽,離開時真的很不捨得這個地方。

The Old England Manor was built in Turdo architecture style on top of the hills in 1700m of Cingjing. Elegant and grand. Charming and mystery as well with the on and off mists and sunshine. It was built with NT$200 million for 9 years.  All building materials, wood sculpture and furniture were imported from Europe. The castle is in divided in 3 zones, a total of 23 rooms. Each room is equipped with top-tier AV brand Focal Utopia and Hermes or BVGARI shower supplies. Guests will receive a daily room surprise, and are invited for dinner with the Host and enjoy a Focal Utopia concert in the Shakespeare Conference Room. It is a fabulous opportunity for guests to chill out with some drinks and bites together. There are many  artwork replica in the castle. One to note about the castle – high privacy level – visitors are restricted to enjoy the renowned afternoon tea in the restaurant and take a walk in the outdoor garden only. Recommend taking more outfits with you – Cingjing ‘s temperature contrast up to up to 10 degrees between day and night. I missed the stay so much – for the considerate and sociable hotel guests who had taken a very good care of my mom!


Just an hour high-speed-train ride from Taipei to Taichung.


The hotel is surrounded by lovely hills.


High up in the hills, with constant changing weather. Watch out the cloud sea if lucky.


As if you were in Europe at this delicate castle.

大堂禮賓部 (Reception) 帶有強烈的 Turdo 色彩。

Strong Turdo touch in the Reception.

房間雅緻,大得可給一家四口子住。每房設minibar, 每天供應最新鮮的生果,替換讓你驚喜的小吃。配以Focal Utopia 音響、50吋LCD電視機,Super King Size 大床,一切都是最優質的享受。

Elegant room design which can house up to a family of 4. There is a minibar with the freshest refill of fruits and surprising snacks on a daily basis. The best in-room experience with Focal Utopia AV, 50-inch LCD TV and Super King Size Bed!


Dining room.




Reading room.

莊園內每晚準備Set Dinner,並且安排於音樂會之前完結,讓客人可準時出席音樂會。當晚的紅豆菜忌廉湯。

Set dinner is available before the daily concert so that you can enjoy the concert on time. The Red bean veggie cream soup of the day.


Appetizer: seasonal asparagus.


First course: A perfect match of shrimps, truffles with eggs.


Main course: Grilled lamp chop.


Another option: Grilled salmon.

甜品是 pana cota 。

Dessert: pana cota.


The concert in the Shakespeare Conference Room.

複製的巴洛克大師貝尼尼 (Berlini)作品 「阿波羅與載芙妮」(Apollo & Daphne)

The replica of “Apollo & Daphne” by Berlini.


Fabulous photo taking spots everywhere.


One of the living rooms.






Corridor connecting to different zones of the castle.


Many tourists come for the renowned English Afternoon Tea.


At the Miyahara: The Dawn Cake. Check out the “Harry Potter Library”. Architecture dated back from the Japanese colonial times


A huge shelf for books and accessories. Just like the hundred-drawer shelf in Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics.


Glass ceiling of the atrium on the 4/F. Perfect sunlight for the indoor area.


Handmade candy of the Dawn Cake.


Very delicate packaging of this brand. Many people come for ordering wedding cakes. Recommendation for souvenirs: Pineapple Cake and Sun Cake!


Dining at Zui Yue Lou on the 2/F. The best Taiwanese Milk Tea I’ve ever had with the Beauty leaves in the recipe.


Plain tea is refreshing too.


A Taichung platter.


The exclusive Miyahara ice-cream – such a big portion and topping for one.


Surprised to locate a collection of Japanese style of buildings here and there in Taichung. Recommend one of them – Lin, Chih-Chu Memorial Building, a former residence of Professor Lin. Simple and elegant.


The painting pigment was well preserved for exhibition. Long forgone pigment mixed with minerals.


Prof. Lin was influenced by the Japanese culture a lot, as seen from the Japanese dining room.


Some artwork of Prof. Lin. Delicate brushwork. Influenced by the Japanese woodcuts, you can see the Japanese touch and flat in his presentation. Sparkling   with the special mineral touch too.


In love with the flowers and birds of Prof. Lin’s artwork which you can share the peace and harmony from his end.


Morphing Butterflies (From Gold to White)

蛻變中的蝶 (由黃金到雪白)


Butterfly is representation of transformation and self-revelation. Each of them strives to shine through darkness, win through struggling, finding balance and fulfilment through self-creation. The ultimate redemption of life is to return to the purest form of being.



Beauties of Life: Inverno & Primavera



Beauties of Life:  Primavera

Beauties of Life: Inverno

Everything has its own season…
A time to bloom
A time to fade
A time to change
A time to let go
A time to harvest
A time to sorrow
A time to joy
There is a time of purpose
Under the Sun













True Beauty Lies Within



We are all born with what has been given. Yet we are the only person who chooses to become who we are. Beauty grows with time as we grow inside.