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吃在暹粒 All About Food in Siem Reap


暹粒面積不大,共有7個區域,遊客大部分都全到市內的法租界 (Old French Quarter),舊城區(Old Market) 及酒吧街 (Pub street)。小鎮內沿河而運,皇宮及充滿殖民地色彩的老房子,也可於這裡找到,風情萬種。日間於法租界四處漫步,十分寫意。如果覺得太悶熱,不妨到Raffle Angkor 喝下午茶,酒吧內的咖啡特別美味。舊城區如步行街一般,可四處游走,這裡隨處是時尚的咖啡店,特色的餐廳,及售賣手信的小店,還可品嚐柬埔寨地道名菜 Amok。

Charming Colonial Town

There are seven districts in Siem Reap, though most tourists gathered in the Old French Quarter, the Old Market and the Pub Street. The town centre is built along the river, where you can found colourful buildings from the colonial era and the royal palace. Walking casually along the area in the Old French Quarter is a relaxing affair. It would be a good idea to have afternoon tea in Raffle Angkor to avoid the afternoon sun as the bar serve exquisite local coffee. The Old Market is where you will find small vendors selling local specialities and food, as well as very fashionable coffee shops to hang around. Don’t miss the quintessential Cambodian dish Amok!.

 Old Market 內隨處都是有型的餐廳。Discover the trendiest bars and restaurants inside Old Market.

 Red Piano 是當年 Angelina Jolie 拍戲時於這裡消遣。 Don’t miss a bar called Red Piano where Angelina Jolie used to love to hang around here during shooting of her famous movie.

在街內游走時,不妨到 Gelato Lab 吃個冰淇淋吧﹗Drop into Gelato Lab for ice-cream and coffee, an escape from heat and sun during day time.



All About Food in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a paradise for food because it is so rich in natural resources, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables! Do not miss out the fresh mangos here.  Also, the city has so many restaurants serving all kind of exquisite local and international cuisines. Let me introduce a few of them.

  1. Cuisine Wat Damark  – 暹粒市內最受歡迎食府,也是亞洲50大餐廳之一,法藉主廚Joannes Riviere 已札根於柬埔寨長達15年,善用地道食材,如河鮮、香料和蔬菜,配合他的經驗,創造了充滿現代感的高棉菜。One of the most popular restaurants in Siem Reap and named to be one of the Asia 50 Best Restaurants. French chef Joannes Riviere has been in Cambodia for 15 years. He is excellent in using local ingredients from the river, herbs and veggie, mixing them with his creativity to give traditional Khmer dish a modern twist.

於餐廳小房子內,有庭園和室內可供選擇。 The restaurant offers alfresco and indoor dining areas.

餐前小食 (Amuse-bouche),材料包括西瓜配以豬肉和蝦乾及香蔥。 An interesting amuse-bouche in which watermelon is paired with dry minced-pork and spring onion.

(Appetizer) 柚子、蝦及荷花沙拉,配以香炒青蔥及椰子。 Pomelo and water lily salad with prawn, sprinkled with fried shallots and coconut and lemon basil, an extremely refreshing dish prefect for the hot summer in Siem Reap.

煎洞里薩湖 (Tonle Sap Lake) 魚,以咖哩清湯,番茄及地道香料一起吃,鮮魚味完全沒有被蓋過﹗My favourite fresh catch of the day from Tonle Sap Lake! Coacker fish  is served with  sour clear curry soup, tomatoes and local spices, banana chunks and rice paddy herbs.

香煎 Sanday 魚 (洞里薩湖的河鮮),配以茄子3 食 (茄子蓉、蒸茄子和燒茄子),十分惹味。 Pan-fried Sanday (fresh catch from Tonle Sap Lake) toasted with aubergine puree, steamed aubergine and fried aubergine!  One of my favourite veggie on earth!

很特別的一度地道菜,以吳哥黑啤酒慢煮豬腿,配秋葵及已煎香的麵條及發酵辣椒汁。One of the most unusual local dish – Angkor stout slow cooked pork shank in black beer with okra together with fried crispy noodles and fermented chilli sauce.

很美味的甜品,朱古力紀廉及椰子加牛軋糖奶油和焦糖脆片。 Chocolate pot de crème with caramelised rice praline, toasted with coconut whipped cream and nougatine.

很喜歡這個petit fours。山竹(Mangosteen)、柑橘 (Tangerin) 和椰子,以上面的粗鹽調味﹗Petit fours is seasonal fruits in which mangosteen and tangerine seasoned with a pinch of salt!

  1. Fresh Fruit Factory – 一向怕冷的我,從來不吃刨冰 (Shaved Ice),因為在香港開冷氣好像不用交電費的情況下,即使戶外攝氏30度的天氣,在室內地方也會經常冷得全身發抖﹗但因暹粒實在太悶熱,每天溫度大約38度,中午的時候更沒有人外出,否則不用一小時,可變燒豬。於是刨冰變得非常吸引。這間由日本人主理的小店,很有特色,刨冰是由煉奶製成,又香又滑,再配以地道芒果,味道一流﹗I was never fond of shaved ice because I do not like the cold. But since Siem Reap is scotching hot, having shaved ice is a welcoming change. This Japanese-ran store presents a very unique. This dessert is made by condensed milk and serve with fresh mango. The taste is exquisite.

門口給人嘻皮士的感覺,可能也反映著這對日本partners 的性格。A bohemian entrance which reflects the cool characters of the Japanese partners.

小店內每一幅牆已讓遊客留下他們的印記。我也在外牆畫了一個蝴蝶,老闆很開心。 This little gem is adorned with marks left by tourists all around the world.  The owner is so delighted to see I paint a little butterfly on the wall as a gift to them.

芒果沙冰 (smoothie) 及刨冰很滑,必試。 The mango smoothie is a must try dish here.

刨冰很大碗,以煉奶製成,非常滑,溶了也不會覺得在吃沒有味的水。The silky smooth shaved ice is made with condensed milk based on Japanese recipe.  It will not turn into ice water when it melts under the hot weather.

3. Raffes Angkor –  一個充滿殖民地色彩的老建築,酒吧給人懶洋洋的氣氛,天花上的吊扇,灰色的絲絨梳化,木椅子,望著酒店的泳池,非常的 “old world charm”﹗必點吧內的咖啡,用上暹粒咖啡豆,十分香濃,而餐前小吃香蕉片,是用胡椒和鹽調味,一吃難忘。 This is an old building full of colonial colour with a bar that gives a relaxed atmosphere. In full display is an old world charm – a ceiling fan, grey velvet sofa, and wooden chairs facing the hotel pool. Order a cuppa here made of the rich and bold local Siem Reap coffee beans. The taste of the pre-dinner snack, banana chips, seasoned with salt and pepper, leaves a lasting memory.

Old World Charm 耐看的地方不是庸姿俗粉的裝飾堆砌奢華,而是源自它優雅的本質,旖旎的風姿及引人入勝的內容。This enchanting hotel is a typical colonial style where you can immerse yourself in old world charm, a beauty who is femininely charming, elegant, graceful and a book for you to read…

大堂內的老升降機,默默地告訴Raffles 的歷史。An old elevator inside the lobby, whispering history of Raffles to everyone who passes by.

 必點的咖啡,獨特的暹粒咖啡豆,甘香並帶有雲呢哪味,沒有苦澀的餘韻,一試難忘。 The latte is one of the best in town using local coffee beans that offer a hint of vanilla flavour without any bitterness in the end note.

酒吧望著室外的泳池,步伐放慢。 The bar oversees an outdoor swimming pool for everyone to unwind.

當日點了Macaron,雪糕及麵包布丁。 I also try macaron, ice-cream and bread pudding.

法租界 Old French Quarter.


Tian 奧地利頂級時尚素菜 Tian, The Leading Stylish Vegetarian Restaurant in Vienna

一個既時尚又迷人的素食天堂,設有酒吧。經過多天不斷吃維也納美食和糕點,不如吃點素,並且看看他們最modern 的food scene!

A stylish and charming vegetarian paradise with a bar setting. After many days of eating Vienna food and pastries, it is time to eat something light and contemporary, and take a look at their most modern food scene!


The appetizer – a fried pumpkin ball.



Utensils and table setting are created along with the theme of nature, what a perfect blend.


Refreshing spinach soup with different spinach textures.



The main course is a variety of seasonal pumpkin and multi-layer mushrooms, paired with red wine sauce. Delicate Design – nothing feels like a vegetarian feast!



Dessert – “Mars”: a lava chocolate cake which is named after Mars, thanks to its look.



Dior . Hermès旗艦店潮聖 Maison Hermès & House of Dior

  Maison Hermès & House of Dior

位於釜山公園附近的Maison Hermès,是全球第四家之旗艦店,中庭引進自然光,當日曚曨細雨,氣氛閑靜。

Maison Hermès, the fourth Maison globally, is located near the Dosan Park. The natural light enters right into the heart of this building where you can find peace even in drizzling rainy days.


The salad is well served with a large portion of shrimps, along with the freshness of the veggies.

食物全用Hermès餐具 ,甜品全設”H”朱古力及金箔。

The Hermès tableware at the café. The dessert is decorated with the iconic “H” shaped chocolate and gold leaf.

Dior 旗艦店揉合展覽館、Café及零售店於一身。

The Dior flagship is more than a retail store; it also serves as an exhibition and a café.

熱愛藝術的Christian Dior 邀請世界各地頂尖藝術家於這裡,演繹他們心目中”Lady Dior” 手袋。手袋的標誌是頂級縫製模式圖案,可愛的鏈扣及拱形手柄。

Christian Dior is an art lover who has invited the top-tier artists all over the world to interpret their own the “Lady Dior”. The iconic bag features the well-stitched design pattern, a cute chain and a delicate arched handle.

很喜歡這個設計,細緻可見到Dior Contour的經典作品。

In LOVE with this design! Every detail counts in this signature piece of Dior Contour.


The exhibition staff deliberately opened the door for my exploration of the infinity stairs.

Café Dior 菜單是用Pierre Hermès的食譜。

The menu of Café Dior is designed with the recipes of Pierre Hermès.


Suggest to refresh at the balcony when the  weather is good.

Café Dior 設有私人宴會廳。

Private rooms are available at Café Dior.


The walls are decorated perfectly with the brand design illustrations.



TRi  享受巴里寧靜風情

Enjoy the Tranquility in TRi


TRi   - 一直很渴望一睹這餐廳的風采 - 這次造訪果然沒有失望。由名設計師Elora Hardy 負責整個餐廳設計,有品味而時尚。以竹為主題,望出窗外仿佛被海洋和樹木環抱,用餐區像睡蓮的小群組,浮在酣靜的水上,坐在這裡另外有一種感覺,感受到什麼是“置身於寧靜的巴里”。食物方面,這次是吃“品嚐”餐單,裡有幾道菜供選擇:包括3個鹹小吃 (Savory Appetizer), 2個前菜(Starter), 2個大盤(First main), 2 個主菜(Second main),3個甜品 (dessert), 非常豐富。這次試食讓我對巴里完全改觀。新鮮和厚級的食材,配以時尚西式的presentation, 每一度菜的香料讓菜式的味道更加出色,震撼味蕾,是一場視覺和味覺的盛宴。

Dining in TRi is always on my list. I am thankful with what I finally tried!

The celebrity designer Elora Handy designed the stunning restaurant with a bamboo theme. Looking through the window, you are embraced by the ocean and the forest as if relaxing in Bali.  The dining zone is designed with sleeping lotus pods floating on a peaceful pond where you can actually dine inside to enjoy a very intimate dining time! I am glad to try the “Taste of Bali Sharing Menu” which you can try and select 3 savory appetizers, 2 starters, 2 first main, 2 second main, 3 desserts. This contemporary Balinese is using the highest quality produce of the season while the fresh herbs that add so many flavours for each dish.  Balinese is elevated to a new level in Hong Kong!

Tuna tartare: 吞拿魚他他,拌以香料、蔥、水果。吞拿魚及香料鮮味無比。

A fresh with raw tuna and spices. Lit up by different spices, spring onion and fruits

Lawar Bebek: 蘆筍沙律,配以豆、燉鴨、烤椰子及香料。多層次的沙律,是當晚我最喜歡的一道菜。

Asparagus salad, served with mixed green beans, grilled coconut and spices. Full of texture – my favourite dish of the night!

Potato Perkedel V: 地瓜和茄子餅。

Sweet potato fritter with eggplant.

Bak Pao Rendang N S : 蒸包,以和牛面頰做餡,配以印尼香料。

Steamed buns with Wagyu beef cheek and Indonesian spices.

Bak Pao Vegetarian NV: 以素菜用餡,有少少綠咖哩味,不辣,很好味。

Vegetarian streamed buns, smells like green curry, not hot at all, above all, delicious!

Scallops S: 煎帶子,烤粟米,以matah 調品。

Grilled scallops and grilled corn, seasoned with matah.

Coral Tront Dabu-Dabu NS: 煎鱒魚、帶子、蘆筍,以印尼醋調味,魚很新鮮,特別好味。

Pan fried coral trout, scallops and asparagus, seasoned with Indonesian vinegar. The fish is so fresh and delicious!

Quail Betutu NS:  焗鵪鶉、秋葵、蘿蔔茸,滋味無比。

Roasted quail with okra, smashed radish. Yummy!

Buah Tropical P: 香蕉蛋糕拌以時令水果,拌以雲尼拿忌廉配雪糕,很細緻。

Banana cake served with seasonal fruit, vanilla cream and ice-cream. A delicate creation.

Dadar Gulung V:  餐廳其中一個必吃甜品,巴里煎餅包著椰子蓉及罌粟籽,配以芒果雪芭,清新甜品,口感也特別豐富。

The signature dessert – Balinese pancake with coconut fillings, poppy seed crumble, mango sorbet. Refreshing and rich in texture.

Coklat Kaya Rasa PN: 朱古力及焦糖忌廉配雪糕,拌以花生及熱情果。

Chocolate and caramel cream, served with peanuts and passion fruits.


The Ocean 秋冬期間限定盛宴

The Limited Edition of Autumn Degustation Menu, The Ocean


我的試食清單,永遠有The Ocean 。踏入十一月,終於可以試食以海洋、時令松露為主題的菜單。這個秋冬品嚐菜單包括多道菜,以多種方法烹調,充滿驚喜!

I would never miss “The Ocean” in my to-try-list. Delighted to try the seasonal menu for the fall-winter in this Nov. Full of surprises with a variety of dishes and cooking methods!

前菜小食有3款:灼法國Fine de Claire生蠔配意式菠蘿沙冰、炸帶子蝦餅、炒八爪魚霰餅。

The culinary journey begins at the coast, featuring three selections of snacks including poached French Fine de Claire Oysters served with a pineapple granita, scallop corndogs for a sense of childhood nostalgia and fried octopus with arare.


Ocean Breeze is a symphony of Japanese Matsutake mushrooms and slow cooked abalone, paired with barley and fresh truffles, served with a fragrant hot mushroom consommé and served in a Chinese glass teapot.


The Sea Anchor marries a Hong Kong rice roll and an Italian ravioli. Two delicate rice papers are surrounded by a king crab and placed on a bed of crispy yuba.


First Wave highlights smoked scallops, freshly imported from Iwate-ken, Japan. The scallops are smoked using hickory wood to add depth to the flavour and paired with roast eggplant and delicate salicornia served with a seafood soup.


Blue Lagoon. A large Canadian slow-boiled lobster tail and fried crispy lobster claw is paired with cauliflower, comet-vanilla veil and a homemade hazelnut paste.


Great Reef, plates up fried black cod with Italian white truffle and French black truffle sauce on a potato puree. The truffle notes enhance the cod flavour and the contrasting colours are a feast for the eyes.


Decompression features sake in a solid form, encased in a chocolate shell sprinkled with puff rice, putting a Japanese twist on a classic Magnum ice cream.

無花果豆蔻白朱古力,充滿米酒醇香,後者則配上驅寒的Mulled Wine酒製成的啫喱及仙人掌果雪葩,為晚餐畫上完美句號。

Back to Bay features a delicately plated array of fresh figs, Cardamom white chocolate and prickly pear sorbet paired with a mulled wine gel to finish the journey on a sweet note.



Juancun (Si Si Nan Cun)


台北第一個「四四南村」原址, 現在保育為文化公園及市集場地。是安置國共內戰而遷徙至台灣的國軍及其眷屬而建。

Si Si Nan Cun, literately as Forty Fourth South Village, was the first military dependents’ village in Taipei. It was built to serve as a provisional residence for soldiers and their family members who fled from the mainland China as a result of the Chinese civil war between Kuomingtang (KMT) and Community Party of China (CPC).


The former housing was transformed into studios.

坐落於台北101旁, 新舊並融。

Located next to the Taipei 101 – The best illustration of the harmony of the old and the new.



Check out how the military officials and family members communicated back in the old days.

The buildings were built for blessing family members who left home in 1948.

到了眷村怎可少了眷村菜,由於好友嫁到台灣,她的丈夫專程帶我到「村子口」吃眷村菜。這裏的口味很地道, 我一試即愛上, 每次也到來吃一餐。

How can we miss the “Juan Cuisine”? Thanks to the recommendation of friend who married a Taiwanese, her husband took me to a restaurant called “Cun Zi Kou” (literally as the Village Inter-junction) for the local cuisine. In love with the dishes since I first tried. A must-visit spot of every Taiwan trip!

滷水拼盤, 全部可自己點。

Feel free to order what you want in a marinated platter.

蔥油餅炒菜, 有點北方菜的感覺, 味道一流。

地道餃子 - 白菜豬肉餃是豬肉韭菜,很大個,熱騰騰地上, 又香又滑。

Yummy scallion pancake with vegetables. Tasted like northern China cuisine.

Home-made dumplings – Pork and chives. Served in hot, such a big dumpling which tasted silky and smelled so nice!

炸魚, 再配惹味蔥及花生鬆, 海鮮是當日新鮮推介。

Deep-fried fish served with delicious spring onion and grounded peanut.

Also tried the seafood of the day.

簡單的家庭菜式, 洋蔥炒牛肉。

A simple homemade dish. Beef fried with onion.


My friends from Taiwan and the boss of “Cun Zi Kou”.

有點兒似香港大排檔, 店舖播著傳統軍人歌曲, 牆上也保留昔日的口號及老照片。

Looks like the food stalls in Hong Kong back in the old days. In melody of military songs. Classic patriotic slogans and photographs on the wall.


典型英式商務午餐 The Milestone Hotel, London

The Classic English Business Luncheon at The Milestone Hotel, London


商務午餐對於英國(或西方人)而言是有特定的目的。由於重視低調的優雅,不會大魚大肉,更著重建立親切、和藹和彼此關係的信任。 由選擇地點、餐單、座位安排配以身份的關係、飲酒、衣著等,都是一門學問。餐宴過程中,懂得禮儀學的人能迅速透過觀察賓客的點餐及餐桌禮儀技巧等, 對你的背景略知一二。

The British (or westerns in general) prefer business luncheons with a purpose. It aims to elegantly foster relationships and build mutual trusts without excessive extravagance. Once again, It is all about the art of etiquette – from choosing a venue, setting a menu, seating arrangements, drinking and outfits. Sophisticated dinners can easily have a quick glance of your background from how you order and your table manner.


A delicate bread basket. With 4 flavours of butter. Hosts should proactively pass on the bread.


The traditional British way is to serve the main course, followed by the salad.

The salad can freshen up your mouth before the next course.


Salad veggies served in whole.

英國人叫甜品做Pudding,意思與dessert 一樣。
“Pudding”, the British way of calling dessert.

最後是吃芝士盤 (cheese platter),這個傳統,無論我於酒店或英國人家中用餐也是一樣。切芝士連餅乾吃是有特定的方法,否則其他人會覺得你沒有禮貌。

Served with cheese platter finally. The same order while dining at hotel or at a local home.

Be aware of how you serve yourself with cheese and crackers in a polite way.


食養山房, 修心養身, 天人合一

A retreat with the Nature at the Shi Yang Shan Fang


依山而建的食養山房, 是源自林炳輝先生的建築及個人修行理念, 整個建築揉合中國和日本禪的美學,融入大自然,沒有太多裝飾。抵達時只聽見昆蟲,雀鳥的叫聲;走過迴廟, 經過茶室, 中間自然成為了中庭, 再走到用餐處, 室內全是塌塌米, 靈靜素雅。 大大的窗戶收納自然光, 如走出室外, 只見被群山環抱, 山變靜寂。空間乾淨, 自然可與心靈對話。食養山房的食材是全時令的材料, 也有全素菜選擇, 每一道菜擺放,與食物器具配合, 締造東方美學的視覺效果。

The Shi Yang Shan Fang was built with the personal vision and expertise of the architect Lin Bin-hui. We can feel the perfect blend of the Chinese and the Japanese Zen art, and the nature with minimal decoration. Welcomed to the resort by singing birds and insects upon my arrival, I took a quick walk from the corridor, passing a teahouse then to the atrium. The restaurant is set with tatami in elegance and peace. Big windows are ready for pouring sunlight.Embracing by the peace from mountains, you can have a peaceful dialogue with the nature here. Try the set-course meals of the restaurant, it is from the freshest produce and seasonal ingredients with the visually stunning oriental artistic presentation. Vegetarian menu is also available upon request.


Tofu and peanuts + Corn juice.

燒鮭魚卷 + 干貝蒸蛋 + 蔬菜。

Salmon roll + streamed eggs with dried scallops + veggie.

綜合蔬菜冷盤 + 桑椹露。

Veggie appetizer + mulberry drink.

干貝 + 烏魚子麻糬。

Scallop + mullet roe mocha.


Rice with white asparagus and mushroom.

蓮花燉雞湯, 一路看著蓮花煮開。

Chicken soup with lotus. You can see how the lotus blooms gradually.


Borough Market – 最潮。最舊的市場

Borough Market – The Oldest and Hippest Market



You may have seen the Borough Market in many movies and TV shows. The 1000-year old market has become an icon for trendsetters – where you can buy fresh ingredients and produce or enjoy affordable food (ingredients taken fresh from the market).


The freshest veggie you can see.


Tomatoes of your choice.


My favourite seafood section.


Can you imagine you can get 2 big meat pies that are suffice for 2 meals at 1-2 pounds?