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Fluidity in Life – Interview with Ron Arad

(Courtesy to The Closeteur)


Bouillon Chartier 於巷內吃到像個當地人Dining in an ally like the local

在香港很難找到百年老店,而巴黎反而可保留不少地道的經典美食。當日我大概11點已到達,因為12點過後已經要排隊,而且大部份都是本地人。Chartier的服務生是很有趣的, 就算我一早到來,也要安排我跟陌生人同桌 (其實這是餐廳的特色和傳統之一),麵包跟人一起分食, 但這樣我就可以跟一起同桌吃飯的朋友談天說地!由於是百年老店,同桌朋友教我看看較近門口好像“百子櫃”的櫃子,其實是百多年前熟客各自存放餐巾的抽屜,很有歷史感。

It’s hard to find many century-old shops in Hong Kong but it’s another case for local food in Paris. I arrived Bouillon Chartier around 11 a.m. – before the local crowd line up after noon. The Chartier waiters are very interesting, they would arrange me to share the table with some strangers (the tradition of this restaurant), so that I would share the bread and mingle with my dining buddies! For its century old heritage, my dining buddy introduced me a shelf that looked like the hundred-drawer shelf in the Chinese Pharmacy. Can you imagine they were drawers that regular customers store their napkins? Love the historical touch.

置身於百年老店bistro, 好像時光倒流。我坐下時人不太多, 不到一會兒已開始排隊。

As if I came back to the times when this century old bistro was opened. It was quiet when I sat down but soon the queue appeared.

頭盤叫了傳統法式芝士生菜沙律,由坐在我對面分桌的法國人介紹。這裡的傳統,連麵包也共 嚮。

Appetizer started with classic French cheese veggie salad – which was recommended by the local French who shared the table with me. The art of tradition started with the sharing bread with your dinning buddies.

主菜推薦油封鴨, 嫩而多汁。

Recommend the main course – Duck Confit – tender and juicy.