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典型英式商務午餐 The Milestone Hotel, London

The Classic English Business Luncheon at The Milestone Hotel, London


商務午餐對於英國(或西方人)而言是有特定的目的。由於重視低調的優雅,不會大魚大肉,更著重建立親切、和藹和彼此關係的信任。 由選擇地點、餐單、座位安排配以身份的關係、飲酒、衣著等,都是一門學問。餐宴過程中,懂得禮儀學的人能迅速透過觀察賓客的點餐及餐桌禮儀技巧等, 對你的背景略知一二。

The British (or westerns in general) prefer business luncheons with a purpose. It aims to elegantly foster relationships and build mutual trusts without excessive extravagance. Once again, It is all about the art of etiquette – from choosing a venue, setting a menu, seating arrangements, drinking and outfits. Sophisticated dinners can easily have a quick glance of your background from how you order and your table manner.


A delicate bread basket. With 4 flavours of butter. Hosts should proactively pass on the bread.


The traditional British way is to serve the main course, followed by the salad.

The salad can freshen up your mouth before the next course.


Salad veggies served in whole.

英國人叫甜品做Pudding,意思與dessert 一樣。
“Pudding”, the British way of calling dessert.

最後是吃芝士盤 (cheese platter),這個傳統,無論我於酒店或英國人家中用餐也是一樣。切芝士連餅乾吃是有特定的方法,否則其他人會覺得你沒有禮貌。

Served with cheese platter finally. The same order while dining at hotel or at a local home.

Be aware of how you serve yourself with cheese and crackers in a polite way.