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Be A Real Londoner !



London is a home for many Hongkongers and tourists. However, I’d like to recommend some interesting places where locals spend their life to you, and let you experience this city in another way like how I spent my life there.

Leighton House Museum

這個位於Kensington的一個隱世寶藏,於1860年代由Sir Frederic Leighton 委任 George Aitcheson興建,藉此展示他多年遊歷歐洲的見識,也是他收藏珍品的心臟及畫室。罕見的“Arab Hall”以中東建築風格為藍本,全以16世紀玻璃瓷磚興建,中央還有小噴泉,難得一見。

You must not miss this hidden gem in Kensington. The museum was built by George Aitcheson for Sir Frederic Leighton in 1860s. This is a lovely studio where Sir Leighton also shared his collection and experience in all parts of Europe. Check out the “Arab Hall” where it was built with the Arabic touch – with glass tiles and a little fountain in the centre – that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Arab Hall 下午時陽光折射室內的黃金,藍色瓷磚燦爛絢麗。

Stunning Arab Hall with the sunlight reflection – the gold elements and blue tiles shine in its beauty.

中東色彩申廷至Grand Staircase。

The Middle East architectural style extends to the Grand Staircase.

Sir Leighton 對孔雀情有獨鍾,於Grand Staircase 也擺放了充滿異國情調的孔雀。

Sir Leighton was in love with peacocks – look at the exotic collection beneath the Grand Staircase.

二樓放滿了Sir Leighton 當年畫皇室、貴族的油畫及他的收藏。另一邊則是他的工作室。

The art collection of Sir Leighton was displayed on the 2/F where you can find his work for the royal family and the aristocracy as well as his personal collection. His studio was on the other side.


TGIF: 到V&A Museum 享受Weekend !

TGIF: A Weekend at the V&A Museum!


又星期五了,Londoner其中一個必去之處就是V&A,難得週五也開放至晚上10時的地方,有pop-up performance、特別展覽、餐飲,氣氛一流。

How do Londoners spend their Happy Friday? Let’s check out the V&A where you can enjoy pop-up performances, exhibitions, food & drinks in a lovely hub till 10 p.m.!

當時London Design Week的展覽。

On exhibition: London Design Week.

另外一個到V&A 的重點是認識時裝的發展史,此外V&A會定期展出不同主題的時裝,甚至於當今時裝大師合作,大家不妨來碰碰運氣你會遇見誰的作品。

You will be able to take a quick glace of the fashion history in the V&A.  There are different thematic fashion exhibitions here – and try your luck to see if you would be able to see the masterpiece of the world’s famous designers!


Evening gowns at Victorian period.


Ladies causal wear in the 19th century.

用餐區的佈置如高級餐廳,不過於這個環境吃快餐及share table,可同時與不同的人交流!

The dining area is like a high-end restaurant – where you can have your own food in a much affordable price while sharing the table with different people!

於V&A用餐區的另一角,也是share table。

You can also share your table with guests in another corner of V&A dining area.