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Hermès 新概念店下午茶、購物、看書 Afternoon tea, shopping, [email protected]ès Concept Store

這座位於Saint Germain區的古老泳池 (Lutetia),日久失修,為Hermès 打造成最新的概念店。與不同設計師合作,內裏賣的都是限定的scarf及精品;店內也有咖啡區、家具區及圖書館,給客人享用一頓下午茶。望著四邊Hermès 的精品及收藏,享受無限的奢華。

This vintage swimming pool (Lutetia) was located in the Saint Germain district. It was in low maintenance but turned into the latest concept store of Hermès. There are limited editions of accessories and scarf inside this store only. And there are café, homeware section and a library for guests to enjoy a decent session of afternoon tea. Immerse yourself in luxurious enjoyment surrounded by Hermès collectables and masterpieces.


Utensils all in Hermès.

點了salmon quiche,還是相機先食吧。

Salmon quiche – camera enjoys first

Hermès 的概念店用木做主題,讓客人有被保護的感覺。

The concept store used wood as a theme, as if you were well protected.


Having afternoon tea in such a spacious area.


Homeware section downstairs.


Boulevard Saint-Germain:巴黎人享受生活的大道 Enjoying the Parisian life

你一定會被這條大道氣氛吸引:大樹林蔭、經典有名的咖啡館及品牌店一應俱全;沒有人頭湧湧的繁忙,逛街,看人,被看,購物和美食全方位的享受。而顯赫有名的Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots, 新的 Ralph Lauren 旗艦店全球第二的餐廳也落腳於此。吃飽後可再到LV店、Karl Lagerfeld或沿途的各品牌購物。

You’d definitely be amazed by this boulevard– tree shade, celebrity café and brands under one roof, not busy at all where you can enjoy shopping, checking out and dining together in calm and peace. You can find the renowned Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots, the global second flagship store of Ralph Lauren… take a little walk to the LV, Karl Lagerfeld or other brands after recharged.

Café de Flore,當日各大文豪,包括海明威也聚首於此。

Café de Flore where the past elite such as Ernest Miller Hemingway enjoyed their time here.


A big salad. Nice and friendly staff.

於Café de Flore 享受寧靜brunch,因為大部人喜歡坐在餐廳外看人。

Enjoying the peace inside the café while most people would like to check out the happenings outside.

Le Deux Magots 只是咫尺之隔。

Le Deux Magots is just around the corner only.

全球第二間Ralph Lauren 餐廳,晚上已和好友約好到來這裏了。

The global second Ralph Lauren restaurant. Dinner plan with friends here soon.


You can feel the understated elegance and low-profile luxury at Ralph. Must not miss the alfresco dining zone where you can appreciate the beauty of the architecture。


Setting is in American style, Ralph is using leather, solid wood, white linen, blue and white porcelain.

頭盤是炸crab cake。

Appetizer: fried crab cake.


Romantic setting in the outdoor area. What a pleasant dinner with my friends.


Main course – salmon and seasonal veggies.

甜品叫了各種當造草莓配Vanilla ice cream。後面是caramel popcorn 作小吃。

Dessert – seasonal strawberries with vanilla ice cream. Snacks with caramel popcorn.