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藝文青A day of Art and Culture


A Day of Art and Culture

全球最美的書店 – 好樣本事。

The World’s most beautiful bookstore – VVG Something


VVG Something is perfectly blended in the Huashan 1914 Creative Park where the old vinery factory is well preserved. When you entered the bookstore, as if you arrived at a tiny castle of elegance and grace. The high-ceiling building has two floors; there is a decent bar table on the lower floor where you can chill out with a cup of coffee. As you walked further down, you would imagine you were in an art museum with the different styles of painting along the way. A restaurant and a florist shop are down the ally. Cozy and comfortable. Up to the second floor, you can feel the good taste of the shop owner with the collection of books and lifestyle grocery – where you will never get bored with the shelves of aesthetics, design, art and dining.


Restaurant, café and florist shop on the ground floor. Love the tiles from original walls and floor with elegant tiles.


Shop with a variety of lifestyle grocery on the second floor, or just a flip of your favourite books at leisure.


Take your time as much as you want. Or have a coffee break downstairs.


Huashan 1914 is well preserved with the nature – giant trees grow by the old buildings and new branches grow over the old trees whose roots are well protected.


Sometimes, it is perfect to keep the imperfect wall – represents the beauty at the same time.


A snapshot of tourists in kimono passing by the old brick wall.

香色 Xiang Se – A laid back afternoon at Southern France!



Let the Taiwanese wisdom soothes your soul


每次到台北,心裏總散發著由衷的微笑。她不是一個令人震攝的霸氣城市; 它的多元、包容、人性化和文化卻由每一個街角弄巷及台北人身上一點點的散發出來。而台北人很愛護這城市,一切讓空間並列生存和保育,走到每一個角落,也可找到一個讓人心靈平衡的空間, 因此可能香港人也找回屬於自己的心靈角落。

I’ve put on my souful smile from my heart whenever I come back to Taipei. The city is not famous for its power. Rather it is a city of diversity, human touch and culture where you can feel it in every corner, or with whoever you meet. Taipei people love their city. You can see the balance of tradition and growth here. There is a reason why many Hongkongers feel very connected with the city.

青田七六是馬廷英的故居,建築揉合日式和西式設計, 這個老居子是古蹟,咖啡館和地質展示館, 很值得一遊。

The old-school architecture was built with Japanese touch and Western style. Highly recommended for its heritage value, its decent café and a living museum of geology.


The classic collection at the reception.


Japanese style of afternoon tea served in the afternoon. Set menu for lunch or dinner.


Cakes are served for the afternoon set.


As if you were back to Taiwan in the Japanese colonial era – well preserved with the floor and tiles from the old days.


Portraits of the old days.

洋式的飯廳, 這古蹟不單極具歷史意義, 也是餐館,若不想沒位子,建議預約。

The dining room in western style. In love with the historical value of the building which revamps as a restaurant now. Reservation is recommended if you’d like to pay a visit.



Juancun (Si Si Nan Cun)


台北第一個「四四南村」原址, 現在保育為文化公園及市集場地。是安置國共內戰而遷徙至台灣的國軍及其眷屬而建。

Si Si Nan Cun, literately as Forty Fourth South Village, was the first military dependents’ village in Taipei. It was built to serve as a provisional residence for soldiers and their family members who fled from the mainland China as a result of the Chinese civil war between Kuomingtang (KMT) and Community Party of China (CPC).


The former housing was transformed into studios.

坐落於台北101旁, 新舊並融。

Located next to the Taipei 101 – The best illustration of the harmony of the old and the new.



Check out how the military officials and family members communicated back in the old days.

The buildings were built for blessing family members who left home in 1948.

到了眷村怎可少了眷村菜,由於好友嫁到台灣,她的丈夫專程帶我到「村子口」吃眷村菜。這裏的口味很地道, 我一試即愛上, 每次也到來吃一餐。

How can we miss the “Juan Cuisine”? Thanks to the recommendation of friend who married a Taiwanese, her husband took me to a restaurant called “Cun Zi Kou” (literally as the Village Inter-junction) for the local cuisine. In love with the dishes since I first tried. A must-visit spot of every Taiwan trip!

滷水拼盤, 全部可自己點。

Feel free to order what you want in a marinated platter.

蔥油餅炒菜, 有點北方菜的感覺, 味道一流。

地道餃子 - 白菜豬肉餃是豬肉韭菜,很大個,熱騰騰地上, 又香又滑。

Yummy scallion pancake with vegetables. Tasted like northern China cuisine.

Home-made dumplings – Pork and chives. Served in hot, such a big dumpling which tasted silky and smelled so nice!

炸魚, 再配惹味蔥及花生鬆, 海鮮是當日新鮮推介。

Deep-fried fish served with delicious spring onion and grounded peanut.

Also tried the seafood of the day.

簡單的家庭菜式, 洋蔥炒牛肉。

A simple homemade dish. Beef fried with onion.


My friends from Taiwan and the boss of “Cun Zi Kou”.

有點兒似香港大排檔, 店舖播著傳統軍人歌曲, 牆上也保留昔日的口號及老照片。

Looks like the food stalls in Hong Kong back in the old days. In melody of military songs. Classic patriotic slogans and photographs on the wall.


民宿Bon Stay

The Guest House Bon Stay


因緣際會而遇上Bon Stay。其設計極具品味,老闆非常好客, 而且老闆娘的表妹學攝影, 還幫我在台灣拍街拍。

What a co-incidence to stay in a lovely guesthouse called Bon Stay. Stylish design, a friendly host. Some snapshots with the host’s cousin who was taking photography classes.

我的房間很夢幻, 而且有一個很大的陽台,引入陽光, 白天坐在椅上看書很寫意。

I was staying in a fantastic room. A nice balcony which you can feel the sunshine. Such a relaxing day to have some read on the chair!

客廳是共用空間, 可跟不同房客聊天。

A co-shared living room where you can mingle with different guests.

記得當日我入住時老闆娘跟我聊了一整夜, 而且她特地去買特色早餐給我嚐嚐!(平時買的時候有一條長龍)!

I had a night of chat with the host who treated me a decent local breakfast! (I got to queue for long if I bought it myself!)

專業攝影 - 由老闆娘表妹 (Loai) 提供。

Professional photography by Loai, the host’s cousin.


We did some snapshots and went for some selfies at National Taiwan University too!

清代古蹟剝皮寮大概有200年歷史, 內裏還保留電影<艋舺>的拍攝場景及戲服。

The Bopiliao Historical Block was built 200 years ago in the Qing Dynasty. And you can take a look at the scenes and costume of the local movie “Monga”.


The scene for the movie “Monga”


Not to miss the yummy pepper cake!

這時老人家很好看, 執子之手,與子皆老就是如此。

A nice snapshot of the couple. Isn’t it nice to grow old with your beloved?

由75年歷史的松山菸廠改為文創園區,菸廠內有不同展覽場地、餐廳、 巴洛克花園, 誠品生活館和首間誠品酒店也建在此,實在值得一遊。

The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was formerly the Tobacco and Alcohol Monopoly Bureau Songshan Plant. The 75-year-old building was changed to become a culture hub where you can refresh yourself with exhibitions, restaurants and the Baroque Garden. Recommending the Eslite Spectrum  and the first Eslite Hotel!


The Baroque Garden from the window view.


Phototaking time!  Capture some stylish snapshots in the old factory.


The Baroque Garden.

騎單車夜遊台北, 路線由東區永康街路至中正紀念堂,大概1小時。

晚上騎單車是比較好, 因為交通不會太繁忙, 感覺當晚是我人生中最自由的一夜!

A night ride in Taipei. The 1-hour cycling route from Yong Kang Road in the East District to the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

One of the freest night in my life! With no busy traffic. Feel the night breeze at leisure.


食養山房, 修心養身, 天人合一

A retreat with the Nature at the Shi Yang Shan Fang


依山而建的食養山房, 是源自林炳輝先生的建築及個人修行理念, 整個建築揉合中國和日本禪的美學,融入大自然,沒有太多裝飾。抵達時只聽見昆蟲,雀鳥的叫聲;走過迴廟, 經過茶室, 中間自然成為了中庭, 再走到用餐處, 室內全是塌塌米, 靈靜素雅。 大大的窗戶收納自然光, 如走出室外, 只見被群山環抱, 山變靜寂。空間乾淨, 自然可與心靈對話。食養山房的食材是全時令的材料, 也有全素菜選擇, 每一道菜擺放,與食物器具配合, 締造東方美學的視覺效果。

The Shi Yang Shan Fang was built with the personal vision and expertise of the architect Lin Bin-hui. We can feel the perfect blend of the Chinese and the Japanese Zen art, and the nature with minimal decoration. Welcomed to the resort by singing birds and insects upon my arrival, I took a quick walk from the corridor, passing a teahouse then to the atrium. The restaurant is set with tatami in elegance and peace. Big windows are ready for pouring sunlight.Embracing by the peace from mountains, you can have a peaceful dialogue with the nature here. Try the set-course meals of the restaurant, it is from the freshest produce and seasonal ingredients with the visually stunning oriental artistic presentation. Vegetarian menu is also available upon request.


Tofu and peanuts + Corn juice.

燒鮭魚卷 + 干貝蒸蛋 + 蔬菜。

Salmon roll + streamed eggs with dried scallops + veggie.

綜合蔬菜冷盤 + 桑椹露。

Veggie appetizer + mulberry drink.

干貝 + 烏魚子麻糬。

Scallop + mullet roe mocha.


Rice with white asparagus and mushroom.

蓮花燉雞湯, 一路看著蓮花煮開。

Chicken soup with lotus. You can see how the lotus blooms gradually.