Tian 奧地利頂級時尚素菜 Tian, The Leading Stylish Vegetarian Restaurant in Vienna

一個既時尚又迷人的素食天堂,設有酒吧。經過多天不斷吃維也納美食和糕點,不如吃點素,並且看看他們最modern 的food scene!

A stylish and charming vegetarian paradise with a bar setting. After many days of eating Vienna food and pastries, it is time to eat something light and contemporary, and take a look at their most modern food scene!


The appetizer – a fried pumpkin ball.



Utensils and table setting are created along with the theme of nature, what a perfect blend.


Refreshing spinach soup with different spinach textures.



The main course is a variety of seasonal pumpkin and multi-layer mushrooms, paired with red wine sauce. Delicate Design – nothing feels like a vegetarian feast!



Dessert – “Mars”: a lava chocolate cake which is named after Mars, thanks to its look.


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